New dress for a new person

“Don’t be sorry.” Joe corrected. “I really like the dress. You have
excellent taste. That’s only one of the reasons I love you. But I still have
to get accustomed to wearing this stuff.” He removed the dress from the
hanger, and pulled it over his head.
Without the extra hair of the wig, his head went throught the neck
opening very easily. Joe smoothed the pleats around his hips, and arrainged
the collar around his neck. The dress was the fullest he had ever worn till
now, and it felt a bit strange. He went to the dresser mirror, and liked what
he saw.
The new dress was perfect. It fit like it was made just for his new
shape. He even liked the neckline. The color was exactly right for too. He
criticaly examined his short hair. Yeah, it did seem a little longer now.
Maybe he really could get by without the wig. He would go to Sally’s tomorrow.
Joe discovered what most natural women know. A new dress worked wonders, and
helped to make him feel good about his appearance