Nan Ladyboy

Anderson’s jaw dropped. Gazing back at him in the mirror was
an attractive young businesswoman. He ran his hands down the side
of the skirt, feeling the smooth material. He smiled and the woman
in the mirror smiled back. What he didn’t see was the satisfied
grins Doris and the saleslady gave each other. He wasn’t sure how
long he stood there, entranced at his image in the mirror. He felt
something click inside himself, and from then on knew that the
female pronouns were the right ones. It just felt right. It was
a moment that Sherry would remember as long as she lived. She
would later say it felt like she had been reborn.
They spent a lot of time assembling a wardrobe; dresses,
skirts, tops, casual wear, coats, shoes, and a couple of pairs of
boots. Doris picked out a few things to take back with them, the
saleslady promised the rest would be delivered.