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“It is getting easier, isn’t it.” Linda said.

Joe looked at her. He didn’t know how to answer. It was true, it was
getting easier. He had to admit that he did like being able to wear clothes
like those he had on. As he continued to get used to the way his body had
changed, he found that it wasn’t so bad either. Of course, having these new
hormones working you over helped a lot in that area.

“Yeah. it is…sometimes.” Joe admitted. “But I don’t know if I really
want it to be so easy. I don’t know if I want to give up my manhood…I mean I
guess it’s already gone…but if I can get it back…I think I should want it
back, shouldn’t I?”

“Only you can answer that.” Linda said. “Nobody else…not me…not the
doctors…nobody but you can decide that.”

“I don’t know if I can make an intellegent decision about this.” Joe
said. “I change my mind as often as my clothes.”

“Some say that’s a womans right.” Linda said laughing.

“So now I have womens rights too?” Joe teased.

“I’d say you’ve earned them, wouldn’t you?” Linda answered.

Joe just looked at her and smiled.

“Do you want me like this, or the way I was.” He asked bluntly

Shemale perfect body

ladyboy in lingerie
Linda watched as Joe looked at his image in the mirror. It was obvious to
her that he was becoming more familure with the changes that had take place.
When he first came to her with his problem, he was embarrassed, awkward, and
almost afraid to touch the parts of his body that had changed the most. Now,
he acted much more natural. He adjusted the collar, and tugged at the bodice
to make it fit his shape. It was only when he saw her looking that he showed
any sign of embarrassment.

New dress for a new person

“Don’t be sorry.” Joe corrected. “I really like the dress. You have
excellent taste. That’s only one of the reasons I love you. But I still have
to get accustomed to wearing this stuff.” He removed the dress from the
hanger, and pulled it over his head.
Without the extra hair of the wig, his head went throught the neck
opening very easily. Joe smoothed the pleats around his hips, and arrainged
the collar around his neck. The dress was the fullest he had ever worn till
now, and it felt a bit strange. He went to the dresser mirror, and liked what
he saw.
The new dress was perfect. It fit like it was made just for his new
shape. He even liked the neckline. The color was exactly right for too. He
criticaly examined his short hair. Yeah, it did seem a little longer now.
Maybe he really could get by without the wig. He would go to Sally’s tomorrow.
Joe discovered what most natural women know. A new dress worked wonders, and
helped to make him feel good about his appearance

Gender Fantasies Lb69-story

Archive-name: Changes/jacqui.txt
Archive-title: Gender Fantasies

Chapter One

As a hetersexual, who is also a secret transvestite with a raging
lingerie fetish, John’sactive sex life exists in two different dimensions,
mixing fantasy and reality. John loves women and worships their delicate
satin and lace lingerie.
None of John’s women would describe him as a hunk or stud, but all
find him to be a patient and skillful lover who attends gently to their
bodies and carefully to their sexual needs. He is slender and slight of
build, and always expresses great interest in the dress and appearance of the
women with whom he shared mutual attraction. His appreciation of their
femininity is always apparent.
It is that appreciation which provides a clue to the other John
perhaps better known as Jacqui who has a raving preoccupation with the
feminine undergarments of all women. His gentility with women is a direct
manifestation of his own frustrated femininity, relieved only when in
proximity to intimate feminine garments. Our hero(ine) is always on the
lookout for any opportunity to experience, no matter how vicariously, the
joys of sensual, sexy, feminine lingerie.
The sources of John’s arousal and satisfaction are far ranging: from
avidly reading brassiere and panty advertisements in newspapers, magazines
and catalogs, through careful but discrete observation of displays in stores,
to voyeurism, also discrete, in social situations.
John is always alert to every possible clue about the
undergarments, especially brassieres, of any women with whom he has contact.
Is there a peek at bra or breast because of the decolletage? Does a gap
between buttons reveal a glimpse of satin and lace? What can be deduced from
the bra outline traced under a blouse or sweater? Does an erect nipple
visible as it strains against bra and blouse? Is the lace trim visible
through a sheer blouse? Does the outline of the straps reveal a front
fastening bra, or a t)back?
But breasts and bras, while first in John’s interest, are not the
only thing to atrract his attention. The glimpse of a frilly slip, especially
seen because of a skirt slit or wrap*around is certain to be noticed, as is
the presence of a pantyline showing through skirts or slacks. Most entrancing
of all is the telltale outline of a garter and stocking tab indicating a
truly feminine woman wearing a garterbelt or bustier rather than pantyhose.
Each of these vicarious thrills, however, are only a prelude to
John’s transformation into Jacqui. Read on as Jacqui recounts the details
savoring her affection for each exquisite manifestation of her degenerate,
petticoated, sissy)status.
Nylon panties are a basic item of feminine apparel in Jacqui’s
transformation into a sissy who wants only to be treated as a sex object by
whatever woman allows him to provide her with sexual gratification. Most of
the time, however, Jacqui is not able to find a woman who can accept her as
the totally submissve transvestite that she aspires to be. Mostly, she must
rely on her own imagination and devices which are also satisfying and can
provide for long periods of intense arousal and self)release.
But, back to the details of Jacqui’s passion, starting with those
wonderful nylon briefs. Bikini panties are for cute, lithe little buns and
absolutely flat tummies. But, Jacqui must also be able to restrain her
pre)tumescent clittycock which is so easily aroused. That requires panties
with a wide crotch, not only to keep John’s ugly, hairly balls snugly
retracted in their scrotal sac, but also to keep Jacqui’s sanitary pad in
place. While a pad isn’t always necessary, there are times when it is
essential to keep from staining delicate panties. A panty liner is sufficient
to catch tiny drops of semen which may leak, in a most unlady*like
manner, from John’s naughty penis when he has been aroused for too long
without relief. Using a belt to hold a sanitary pad also helps to preserve
Jacqui’s flat profile by keeping John’s penis well contained.
As we already know, titties are at the absolute center of Jacqui’s
most exciting fantasies and so brassieres are almost her singular
preoccupation. The very sight of John’s Mistress in her bra reduces him to
begging for a feel of her wonderful globes encased in the heavy satin of her
exquiste brassiere. And, it creates an almost intolerable urge for
transformation into Jacqui as John is torn between desire and envy.
Any sight of Jacqui’s most favorite feminine garment is a thrill.
(S)he is never certain which is the more exciting, the titties or the
marvelous eroticism of that most alluring of garments, the brassiere.
Obviously a bra looks best on a slender, full) breasted woman, but John loves
to look at and study all bras.
It is always difficult for John when contempating Jacqui to decide
what was more pleasurable. wearing a bra with pretend titties or just by
itself. When wearing titties created from rice)filled nylon stocking bags
with the top knotted to created a nipple outline, there is the wonderful
tension of shoulder straps and the delightful weighted curve which feminizes
posture and shape. Without the inserts, she can caress, massage and pinch her
nipples which is also so exciting, even though they are pathetically small
even for a very flat)chested girl. Real women are so lucky to be able to
experience both sensations.
Small breasted women can wear a padded bra to increase their
contours, but only within limits because pads lack the natural shape which
makes tits so attractive. Tight blouses are revealing when breasts strain
against the fabric of the bra or the blouse to reveal the pert outline of an
erect nipple. But the effect of a loose, slightly open blouse which allows
both a peek at a lacy bra as well as revealing the breast contour is even
more erotic.
The advantage for small breasted women is that they can wear the most
delicate of bras with flimsy cups, extra lace and narrow, stretchy straps.
They also look wonderful wearing demi*bra styles with half cups on which
their delicate globes rest, nestled on a slightly padded shelf of nylon,
exposing the soft white flesh and perhaps an erect dusky nipple.
John’s ideal is a B)cup size which allows for almost any bra
selection including strapless and front closure as well as the newer y)back
back styles which he notices more frequently now as their outline is
distinctive. Jacqui recently bought one. Wearing it nicely filled with
pretend titties is delightful. It allows plently of jiggle when Jacqui walks,
but the slender straps stay nicely in place without slipping whether the cups
are filled with make)believe titties or not.
There is a problem for the she)male pretender which real girls don’t
experience. That is, without the weight of titties, bra creep can be a real
problem, especially when worn under male clothes in social situations where
weighted bra)forms can not be inserted. Then, straps can slip and the
frequent necessary adjustments create a real risk of detection of one’s
Jacqui also has a red, lacy elastic garter belt which circles her
waist, just above her hips, with the garters stretched tautly over thighs and
buns, held in place by snug, satiny panties. Worn without panties, under a
slip and skirt, it allows freedom for John’s cock and balls, and access to
them for fondling. Panties are, however, usually necessary to restrain his
naughty male organ which has a tendency to bulge as a result of the
stimulation attendant to wearing feminine garments
John recently come yet another step toward feminization, but yet also
another step in being forced to the realization of how unfeminine a male
shape will always be. Having failed in courage on an earlier attempt, he
finally purchased a black, nylon waist cincher with stays and long black
On his first venture to the garish shop, John could only thrill to
the sight of so many pleasurable garments on display, all oriented toward
enhancement of the female form or feminization of the male. There were white
and red and black brassieres of every design and size. There were breast pads
with molded nipples.
The selection of panties was fantastic as was the array of garter
belts. There were costumes for maids and other servants, all on female models
but clearly available in larger sizes for sissy males such as Jacqui.
The clerks were all elderly and watchful but not in a threatening
way. On his first visit, John carefully examined the selection of waist
cinchers but was afraid to make a selection even though the price was modest.
On a return trip, however, he again carefully examined several with
growing but controlled excitement. Finally, John selected the one he thought
would most feminize his shape. As the clerk completed the sales slip, he
asked whether John needed stockings. John knew that he had taken another step
toward being comfortable with what he was. He felt no need to make excuses,
but only stated that he had an adequate supply of nylons.
Imagine his chagrin when, after driving home with great anticipation,
he discovered it to be too large. He clearly needed something smaller if it
was to create a properly constricted feminine feeling. It required some
resolve to go back because the sign in the store clearly stated “no returns
or exchanges.”
But, John’s needs for perfection and feminization won out. He
returned to the store, albeit with some trepidation, determined to achieve
goal. Without hesitation, John told the clerk that he had made a mistake in
the size; and that his Mistress demanded that he replace the garment with one
affording more control. John apologized, as instructed by his Mistress, for
not having tried it to be certain that it was tight enough. That was
important to remind John that becoming Jacqui required occassional public
humiliation by letting others know that he was only a sissy with a pathetic
clitty)cock trying to pass as a woman with real titties, smooth shapely legs
and round buns which deserved to be pampered in nylon and lace.

John selected a smaller size, but even though it looks and feels
snug, his Mistress has determined that if she is to tolerate this sissy who
wants to wear her clothes, he must be forced into still tighter corset
bondage. That is Jacqui’s next goal even though her black, nylon cincher gets
her very aroused when she is permitted to wear it and looks perfect with dark
nylons, pink panties and black pumps.
John’s Mistress has a wonderful wardrobe of petticoats all of which
fit Jacqui comfortably. Most are pettis, but she has one full-slip which is
large enough and heavenly to wear. It not only emphasizes Jacqui’s bustline,
but fits snugly over her torso as it flairs out from the waist. It delicately
swishes against Jacqui’s thighs when she walks while wearing her black
leather pumps with modest heels. It gently caresses her thighs when she sits,
especially while wearing her garter belt. And, it does cover John’s hairy,
and thus markedly unfeminine torso.
The only disappointment is that except for one very short petti,
which Jacqui adores because it is taffeta, none of Mistress’ slips are narrow
as she prefers the A-line style. Jacqui would be ecstatic to have an ankle
length straight slip which fit snugly. That would remind her to take short,
lady-like steps when she walks, and when sitting, would display her garter
belt tabs to remind Jake in another way of his feminized status.


John and his wife had gone to a party at the home of Barbara, one
of their friends. Barbara was tall and statuesque. A very striking divorcee
who gave every indication of being eager for sexual activity. John had met
her before his marriage at a time when his finance was living in another
city. Barbara had come on strong at the time, but John hadn’t responded.

The party had gone on for several hours and most people had left when
John went upstairs to use the head. As was his habit, he quickly checked for
evidence of stray feminine undergarments which he might fondle. None were in
immediate evidence so he stepped into the bedroom and slipped open a drawer.
John had done this routine sufficiently often so that he had a sixth sense
for the location of the lingerie.

He was rewarded by the sight of satin and nylon in a profusion of
colors and styles. As he had suspected, this was a woman who pampered herself
with a delicate selection of panties and bras. As John had surmised from
hugging Barbara whenever they met, (this was always an opportunity to make a
cursory check of the type of bra being worn) there was a selection of front
and backhook bras. Most were very flimsy and delicate, and all were
underwired to support her luscious C)cup titties. Some were push*up,
demi)styles. Even better, all were in size 36, which meant that they would be
a perfect fit for Jacqui.

While the temptation to linger over this find was strong, John was
emboldened to try another drawer. Again, his desires were realized when he
found lacy slips and several garterbelts with real nylon stockings among the
pantyhose. Needless to say, John was rapidily transported into ecstasy as he
began to contemplate playing Jacqui with this treasure trove.

Unfortunately, his preoccupation was so complete that he failed to
hear footsteps coming up the stairs and into the room. His first clue was
when he heard Barbara’s husky tone saying, “Well, can I infer that you prefer
my lingerie to me? This will interest your wife and our friends.”

John could only throw himself on Barbara’s mercy, explaining about
Jacqui and begging her not to disclose his secret yearning for feminine
garments. “Very well she replied”, indicating her long held contempt for all
men which derived from her former husband’s behavior in leaving her for a
much younger woman. “I have always wanted a sissy male to serve me and you
should fit the bill nicely. I will make you sorry that you intruded into my
privacy and you can expect ample humiliation to be coming your way. I won’t
share this with your wife for now, but if you don’t follow my instructions,
you can bet your panty)clad ass she will find out about you quickly.”

“Tell your wife that you must work next Saturday and be here at 9 a.m.
Wear your bra and pink satin panties and be sure to bring along a waist
cincher, garter belt, stockings, heels and a butt plug. I will begin your
training as a humiliated sissy shemale. Don’t ever expect the pleasure of
wearing my feminine finery, although I may allow you to earn the privilege of
worshipping it as a symbol of my superior body and your weakness

Needless to say, John thought of Saturday with both fear and
anticipation, knowing that he could indulge his love of lingerie, while at
the same time he could be humiliated by this striking creature as she
feminized him still further.

Getting out of the house already wearing his bra and panties was a
problem because the bra was clearly visible through his shirt. However, he
quickly got to his car without being seen by the neighbors. On the other end,
he was not so lucky as he had to walk a distance. Of course he encountered a
group of teenaged girls who were chatting and giggling with youthful
exuberance. He could not avoid them and although it made him nervous he
wanted to see the outlines of their brassieres, even though doing so
increased his risk of exposure. How he envied their developing breasts,
swelling inside lovely lacy bras.

Barbara greeted John by demanding that he demonstrate that he was
wearing a bra and panties before she would let him enter her house. Although
John was certain that the teenaged girls could be observing him, along with
whoever else might be watching, he had no choice. He carefully raised the
front of his shirt, trying to keep the back in place until Barbara could see
the nylon and lace cups of his flimsy beige bra held snugly in place with

Far from being satisfied, her only comment was, “And what else are you
wearing? I want to see your pink little panties, now.” John fumbled with his
fly, but was informed that he was to open his belt and lower his trousers
before he would be allowed the safety of having the door closed behind him.
He could only comply.

Once she had him inside, Barbara instructed John to remove all of his
masculine clothing which she then locked away in a trunk. Tying his hands
behind him, she demanded that he present himself kneeling before her to
pledge obedience to her superior female titties and pussy. She demeaned his
pathetic little nipples and clitty)cock, reminding him that they were not
worthy of the nylon and lace lingerie that he so coveted. However,she
promised, in return for his devotion, to work on improving his worthiness.
John was then blind)folded and required to stand clad, only in bra,
panties and heels, without moving until Barbara returned. After a few
minutes, she returned to the room. To John’s surprise she began to rub and
squeeze his nipples. The effect on his cock was immediate. ” Shall I take
your panties down? ‘Oh yes’ “Yes is not acceptable, you will never address me
except as ‘Mistress’. “Yes Mistress, please.” John felt the panties being
slipped down to his knees. Next he felt something being tied around his erect
cock. When the blindfold was removed he saw a pink bow decorating his cock.
Almost immediately there was a flash and he realized that Barbara had taken
his picture. His erection quickly disappeared. “That, she announced, is for
documentation of your journey and as further insurance of your continued
obedience to my commands.”

Pulling his panties up tightly wedged into the crack of his ass,
Barbara untied Jacqui’s hands and directed him to don the rest of his
feminine attire. With trembling anticipation, Jacqui inserted rice)filled
nylon bags into the cups of her 36)C brassiere, carefully adjusting the
straps. The beige bra had been replaced with a black underwire with satin
cups to cover the pink balloons. Jacqui would have preferred a demi)bra, but
pushup styles don’t work well for shemales with pretend titties.

He often wore less sturdy bras which allowed his pretend titties to
jiggle, but had decided that this was likely to be a situation requiring some
restraint, especially if Mistress Barbara wanted to have him remove the bra
forms so that she could administer nipple punishment (which, of course,
Jacqui fervently hoped would be the case).

After requesting permission to remove the pink panties which Mistress
Barbara had pulled up to cover his clitty)cock, Jacqui next forced himself
into the black waist cincher to flatten his tummy and to shape his hips. He
then fastened the red nylon garterbelt around his waist. Sitting on a stool,
he drew each of his black nylons up his legs, attaching them carefully to the
garters. In front, the garters stretched tauntly down his thighs, framing his
pubic hair and flaccid cock. The back two suspenders curved over his buns.
Jacqui then stepped into black leather pumps with three inch heels.

Finally, before pulling up her snug satin panties, Jacqui squatted
down and inserted a gob of K)Y jelly, followed by a butt plug into her
puckered little asshole. Squeezing her buns together to retain the buttplug,
she stood and pulled her panties snugly over her buns. While the panties
would help to hold her plug in place, Jacqui knew that she would have to keep
her anal sphincter muscles tightly clasped around the plug and that doing so
would remind her to maintain a more feminine posture.
When Jacqui had completed that task, she pulled on a short black
half)slip which barely covered the tops of her stocking as she stood
uncomfortably before Mistress Barbara, not knowing what was next. Jacqui
hoped that her clitty)cock would behave and remain in a flaccid state. But,
she knew that eventually it would demand attention and Jacqui was
apprehensive about her Mistress’ reaction.


“Well,” Barbara chuckled, “I can’t decide whether you look ridiculous,
pathetic or cute.” “I suppose you are a bit of each. Perhaps some make)up
would improve your appearance, but I think that will have to wait until you
earn it by taking care of my needs.”

“Now that you are all dressed)up, we’ll go outside so I can use the
remainder of this film in natural light. We do want to have an adequate
record of your progress.” John was terrified because although he knew that
the backyard was fenced, it was visible from the upstairs windows of
adjoining houses. His terror was heightened when they got outside and he
could hear voices from the next yard. But, he also knew that he had no choice
but to cooperate.

“If you want to pretend that you are a woman, I’ll want to see that
your posture and gait are feminine. I don’t want you to be an embarassment to
we genetic girls who have real titties to jiggle when we walk and long
shapely legs with well rounded buns for men to covet. Put some sway into your
walk so I can decide whether you are sexy enough to excite my lesbian
friends. Then perhaps we’ll see whether horny men notice you when I put you
on public display.”

Jaqui, of course, had often practiced walking in heels. She loved the
feel of tension in her calves when walking in heels, and adored the taut
garters snugly holding her stockings to her thighs. When Jacqui walked, the
butt plug wiggled, requiring strict attention to maintaining a tight grip
with his pretend pussy. And, he had to keep his thighs tightly clasped to
hold his clitty)cock and scrotum tucked away so that they would not create an
unsightly bulge in Jacqui’s panties. The result was short, mincing steps
which displayed an exaggerated femininity, and provided a delicate bounce to
Jacqui’s pretend titties.

“Well,” declared Barbara, “even though you walk like something is
sticking up your ass, the effect isn’t bad. Training you may not take as long
as I anticipated. If I allow you to remove your butt plug, will you still be
able to stand and walk like a sissy male doing an imitation of a real woman?”
“Yes, Mistress,” Jacqui replied. “Very well, you may remove it, but don’t
think that I’m finished with your little rosebud. If you want to have a
pretend pussy, I’m going to have to stretch your little hole so it can
accomodate my largest dildo.”

“First, I want some more pictures. Sit demurely with your ankles
crossed. Now, cross your hands across your breasts as though you were
shielding them from prying male eyes trying to undress you. Lift your slip so
I can capture your garter tabs and your bulging mound which is pretending to
be labia. Now turn around and bend down so we can see your panty covered

“Now trot inside, remove your plug before you get too excited and get
yourself back here to me. If there is any evidence that you have relapsed and
done naughty little boy things to your pathetic excuse for a pecker while you
are out of my sight, you will be severely punished and our game will be over.
I have more plans for you and they do not include your sexual gratification
except under my control.”

Keeping her tightly puckered asshole clasped around the buttplug,
Jacqui teetered across the patio and quickly went to Barbara’s powder room.
Lowering her satin panties, and delicately lifting her slip, Jacqui expelled
the buttplug, carefully wiping her asshole so that no lubricant dripping from
her shemale pussy would stain her panties. She then pulled the panties snugly
up into her crotch so that her clitty)cock would be held tightly out of sight
and her scotal sac with its unfeminine balls retracted up into where her
pussy would be if only she had one.

Jacqui then washed her smelly plug with hot water and soap and put it
aside, wondering what was next in store. Jacqui didn’t have long to wait as
Barbara immediately summoned her with a brusque reminder that a Mistress must
never be kept waiting.

“You really are a titless, pussyless wimp who needs to be chastized
both for keeping me waiting, and for having the audacity to pretend that you
have breasts and a vagina as though you were a real woman. You aren’t
anything but a flat chested sissy shemale. Take that padding out of your bra
and get on your knees in front of me. I’ll see if you can get erect nippples
just as we ladies are expected to have when a man fondles us.”

Jacqui immediately kneeled in front of Barbara who was seated in a
lounge chair with her legs slightly spread and her miniskirt hiked up to
mid)thigh. Her creamy white thighs were visible beyond the exposed tabs of
her garters. She was wearing a gauze)like blouse through which the outline of
her sheer lacy bra and the brown circles of her nipples were noticeable.

“All little boys believe that girls titties grow from being fondled
and mauled. Do you believe that I can make your titties grow by playing with
them?” “Oh yes, Mistress, please do”, replied an ecstatic Jacqui. “You really
are a foolish twit,” replied the haughty Barbara. “You could’t fill that bra
even if you overdosed with hormones. What I will do is to make those nipples
so sensitive that you will know how it is for a woman when her breasts are
tender and distended because of the time of the month and some pig of a man
has mauled them thinking that it felt good for her. ”

“I know that is what you want, but first you must get me in the mood.
You can start by licking my thighs, above my stockings, until you have your
nose buried in my pubic hair and your tongue is licking my clitty. If you can
keep your hands to yourself, and away from yourself, you will be allowed to
suck my pussy for as long as I enjoy it. If you can get me hot enough so that
my nipples push against my bra, I’ll work on your pathetic titties until you
beg me to fuck your sissy shemale ass. Now get started.”

Jacqui was, of course, delighted at this opportunity to serve her
Mistress who already had Jacqui in an absolute state of internal arousal and
fighting hard to keep the excitement from causing her clitty to become
noticeably tumescent. She quickly began licking the inner aspect of Barbara’s
thighs. It was no time at all before Jacqui’s nose and lips were nuzzling
Barbara’s labia and tasting the moist nectar inside of her cunt. Jacqui knew,
that in spite of Barbara’s seeming indifference, she was becoming aroused
too. Not only was Barbara’s pussy getting more and more moist, but Jacqui
could sense the muscular quivers anticipatory to orgasm in a woman whose cunt
was throbbing from the attention it was receiving. There were some telltale
moans, as well.

Suddenly, however, Jacqui’s head was pushed away from that delectable
pulsing cunt so that her tongue was just out of reach of those luscious
labia, and she was gripped between Barbara’s powerful thighs. Simultaneously,
Jacqui felt Barbara’s long fingernails probing through the satiny fabric of
her bra, raking across Jacqui’s nipples. “Now, you sissy bitch,” breathed
Barbara, “you are about to experience the exquisite torment of nipple
punishment and pleasure.”

With that, Barbara pinched and rubbed Jacqui’s nipples until the
shemale was aroused almost beyond tolerance. Both Barbara and Jacqui were
wracked with great orgasmic convulsions as wave after wave of release swept
over them. The pressure of Barbara’s thighs, the taste of her pussy on
Jacqui’s lips, the stimulation of her nipples, and the gentle friction of
stockings and panties caressing her genitals were causing Jacqui to cum in
the satiny panties even though no one had touched her clitty)cock. She could
feel the sticky exudate collecting in her crotch. It was warm and wonderful,
and Jacqui knew she would still be horny after her satin panties had turned
damp and sticky.

As they both lay exhausted, Barbara reclined in her chair and Jacqui
kneeled on the ground awaiting further instruction from her Mistress. Barbara
informed Jacqui that while she had made a good start, it would be necessary
for Jacqui to exercise bettter self control during future sessions. “You may
leave now. Change into the bra you wore when you arrived, but leave those
panties on so that you will be reminded of how a woman feels when some man’s
cum is dripping from her cunt after she has been fucked. And, be back here at
9 next Saturday. I’ll have some new adventures for us. You know the rules so
dress accordingly.”

“You also have an assignment. I expect you to spend at least one hour
a day with that plug inserted deeply into your virgin asshole. I want it to
be well dilated next week for you to feel what it is like to be be on the
receiving end of a hard prick, or to wear a tampon as genetic girls must.”

“I also expect you to be wearing a training bra. You don’t deserve the
luxury of satin cups, a firm underwire and delicate lace. I saw you admiring
those teenage girls outside and I just know you were thinking about their
cute little bras and panties. I’ll bet you were wishing that your titties
were growing just like theirs. Perhaps I should invite them in to show them
how ridiculous you pathetic men are. They should be learning how to
appreciate their soft downy pussies and tender young titties which are
superior in every way to male bodies.”

“I am going to give you more nipple training. Your pathetic pretend
titties certainly need it. And one other thing, except for a sanitary belt
and napkin to keep your butt plug in place, you are forbidden to wear any
lingerie until you dress to come here next week. I don’t want you getting
aroused and wasting your cum. I have plans for every drop that you can store
between now and your next training session.”

“Oh Mistress,” pleaded Jacqui, “please don’t make me wear my bra when
I leave here. I will wear my cum filled panties, but how can I get into the
house wearing a bra without Mimi detecting it?”

“You should have thought about that before you went rummaging into my
underwear and agreed to have me give you petticoat training, you pathetic
pussy. You should be pleased that I am permitting you to wear it for a few
more minutes. Remember, its going to be a long week before you are to be
allowed the pleasure of a bra with the feeling of nylon and lace around your
tiny nipple)buds, and that will be only a flimsy teen bra and not an
exquisite creation of satin and lace which molds and caresses the breasts and
nipples of a real woman.”

“I will see you next week, and be prepared for more petticoat
training. I want those nipples and that hole ready.”


Mimi had been asleep when John left the house that morning. He could
only hope, as he drove home, that she would be distracted when he got home
long enough for him to remove his bra and cum filled panties.

When he enterd the house, however, Mimi greated him with a smile and a
hug. “My,” she whispered as she traced her finger over the outline of his
bra, “what is this?” Jake gasped and replied, “I felt sorry that I had to
leave you this morning so I wanted to be thinking about your titties snuggled
in your bra all day since I didn’t have an opportunity to fondle them this

Pushing John away, Mimi said softly, “Dont lie to me you sissy. You
wore this bra all day because you wanted to pretend you had luscious tits
like mine. Now drop your trousers so that I can see what you have under them.
Have you been wearing my panties again?”

John knew she suspected something so he decided to respond directly,
“You know that I’m wearing the panties that you had around your pussy and
buns yesterday, dearest.”

“I want to see them,” insisted Mimi. “I want to be certain that you
have’t stretched them with a naughty erection.”

With great trepidation, not knowing how accepting Mimi would be, John
turned around and dropped his trousers so that Mimi could see his buns but
not the damp stain in his crotch. “Turn around,” Mimi demanded.

When John didn’t respond, Mimi slapped his ass with her hand. “Barbara
called me, and I know all about your day and what led up to it. She and I
have discussed your behavior and training and I have decided to help her. I
know that you have been wearing my panties without permission and stretching
my bras by wearing them without my permission. I’ve found your cache of
undies, your heels, buttplug and fantasy articles. I want you dressed in your
sissy clothes now so that you can demonstrate what you have learned and I can
determine how best to continue your training.”

“It would be good punishment for you to follow Barbara’s orders and
not wear lingerie for a week. But, we have discussed a better arrangement.
You will remain dressed as a sissy shemale, including a plug up your ass and
a sanitary napkin, at all times in my presence. That way I can be sure that
you are punished if your clitty gets hard and you are tempted to play with
it. If you are not with me, you will wear male clothes, including baggy
cotton underpants.”
“Now,” she continued, “take off those disgusting, soiled panties and that
bra. Go to the bathroom and shave your legs and body including your balls. I
want you to trim your pubic hair so it is nice and feminine. When you have
removed all the ugly male hair that you can reach, I will inspect you and
shave your back.”

Even though he was uncertain as to where this would all lead, John was
excited and pleased, although hoping that his clitty)cock would behave. At
least he would be able to continue to wear nylon panties and bras, even
though he would have preferred real brassieres to a skimpy training bra. John
had also long secretly fantasized about shaving his legs and trimming his
pubic hair. He looked forward to smooth legs so that he could try stockings
other that the dark ones he customarily wore to hide his shapely but hairy

John quickly went to the bathroom, relieved that his secret was in the
open. Although he was somewhat apprehensive about the future, he quickly
decided that if he behaved, he could expect to be treated as a female and
would have two real women with wonderful tits and pussys and a whole new
supply of lingerie to adore. He stepped into the shower and began his

When he had finished shaving, including his face so that he would be
smooth all over, Jacqui (for he was now feeling very feminine) shyly and
demurely called to Mimi. She inspected him carefully and pronounced her
satisfaction. Reaching into the vanity, she produced a large buttplug which
she lubricated.

“It’s time we got you accustomed to the experience of having an object
inserted into your most intimate body cavity. Real women spend almost 25 per
cent of their time wearing a tampon and are expected to accept male cocks at
other times. Since you only have one pathetic hole, it will have to serve
both functions. Until we can get you some tampons, a sanitary belt and pads
to chafe between your thighs, and a dildo for me to use on you, this will do.
Bend over so you can start to feel filled while I finish shaving you.”

Jacqui obediently bent over, gratefully accepting the plug into her
(for she was now ecstatically into her female self) puckered rosebud. She
immediately and reflexively tightened her anal muscles and squeezed the
buttplug with her buns so that it would remain in place. She then kneeled in
the hard tub while Mimi shaved the remaining hair from her back.

“Now go to the bedroom and put on the pink panties and pink training
bra that you will find there. Put on the white shorts and knit shirt and wear
the low heeled shoes I have purchased for you. Then we are going shopping to
buy sanitary supplies for you and a variety of dildoes for me to use in
converting your tight asshole into a usable cunt for Barbara and me to use at
our pleasure. We may find other uses for it as well.”
“But Mimi,” cried Jaqui, “I can’t go out that way. Everyone will see the
outline of my pink panties and bra, and what will they think of a man wearing

“In the first place,” replied Mimi, “you will address me as Mistress,
because that is what I am. I do not intend to permit my pussy)worshipping,
sissy)slave to be on a first name basis with a superior female person.
Second, you have always enjoyed secretly observing panty and bra outlines on
real women. It is about time that you were the object of lewd and rude stares
from men and women.

“If I hear one more word of argument, you will have some cute red
polish for you fingernails and toes so that you will be even more obvious as
a sissy. To make certain that you receive enough attention, you had better
work at putting a seductive wiggle in your ass when you walk. Barbara tells
me that your are skilled at wiggling your ass especially when your are busy
trying to retain your tampon. Now get going. I am impatient to get you to the
Mall where you can be seen.”

Under Mimi’s watchful eye, Jacqui went to the bedroom where she found
the panties, bra and low heeled shoes laid out. Although she was disappointed
to see that the panties were cotton rather than nylon, they were a feminine
cut and their snug fit carerresed Jacqui’s buns. The bra was nylon. It didn’t
really have defined cups, but only simple nylon triangles held together with
thin elastic bands which Jacqui knew would not be nearly as enticing as the
underwire bra with satin cups and a wide band that she preferred. The silky
nylon did rub gently against Jacqui’s nipples which were still erect and
tender from Barbara’s earlier teasing.

Mimi sensed Jacqui’s reluctance to wear these plain garments,
commenting “You will have to earn the right to wear truly feminine
undergarments just as little girls must go through the uncertainty of waiting
to see whether their little nipple buds will grow large enough to require
sexy brassieres. Now get dressed.”

“You will need some careful training before you get into nylon, satin
and lace. We are prepared to share our female hormone pills with you. They
won’t give you wonderful titties like ours, but they will enlarge your
breasts. Better still, your nipples will become engorged and sensitive just
as ours do before our period. Then some nipple training will lead you to
appreciate a real brassiere. Perhaps you need some silicone implants.”

Jacqui dressed quickly for going out in public where everyone would
know that he was not a real woman, but a sissy*shemale as they noticed the
outline of his feminine panties and pink teen bra. Jacqui hoped that she
would soon be allowed to make a more complete female appearance with real
lingerie and makeup including nail polish and a wig.

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