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Slender ladyboy straight from Thailand

“What do you mean?” Joe asked. “You wear stuff like this too.” The
panties tickled where they touched him, and he idly scratched his pubic area
as he spoke.
“You’ve never seen me in thong back undies.” Linda denied. “I think they
make my hips look too big. They look absolutely great on you though.”
“I didn’t ask to be this way.” Joe said. “But I’m gonna try to make the
best of what I have left.”
“Well, I really wish you were still male.” Linda said. “But you do make a
great looking woman.”
Yeah, Joe thought. Thats what everybody thinks. His best friend, and
now…his fiance. Could it happen that Linda and Jay might change places in
his life?
“I’m trying my best.” Joe said. “But I gotta say, it’s a little wierd
when your girl friend…your fiance…buys dresses for you.”
“I’m sorry.” Linda said. “I just thought you would like it. I know you
need clothes for work if they don’t get you changed back soon.”
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Hot trans queen

“Look at us.” Joe said. “We look like two women…I mean, I guess we ARE
two women.”

“But if they change you back, it can be like it was, can’t it?” Linda

“If that happens, I still want to get married…that is if you still say
yes.” Joe smiled.

“I’m ready as soon as you can arrainge it.” Linda assured him, tossling
the hair of his hairpiece.

Joe reached up and quickly but carefully pulled the wig off, and tossed
it on the low table in front of them.

“This darn thing is hot and irritating.” Joe said. “I guess I look
better with it, but I sure wish I didn’t need it.”
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Transsexual Husband Hardcore

She was over
her like a real man now, aroused again to a fever pitch of
maddened lust. She was pounding her cock into her tight hole,
fucking into her as hard as she could, pistoning her pole as rapidly
as possible. She knew she couldn’t hold her come much longer,
and even though she jerked her dick out of her pussy in an
effort to control it, she shot off all over her stomach and
everywhere. Stephanie loved it as she felt burst after hot
burst of her sticky cum splatter on her belly and tits. They
lay panting on the bed for some time, then rose and went to the
bathroom where they both washed themselves clean. They returned
to the bed chamber, as Stephanie threw on her negligee again.
Together, they lay in each others arms on the soft, bronzed
bedspread, talking about thelovemaking that had gone on before.
They both agreed that it had been good, at least as good as any
time in the past. And the more they talked,the more aroused they
became again. Alicia’s cock wasn’t hard enough for her to fuck
her again, but there was another way she could please her wife, and
she suggested it! (Major accomplishment here, everyone give her a
big hand). Soon she was on her back on the bed, her negligee wide
open, her thighs spread to bare her pussy. Alicia got on her
stomach between her legs and pressed her lips to her cunt lips.
Soon she was sucking gently, and it wasn’t long before shewas
quaking from another orgasm. She continued her pleasant task, till
Stephanie laid back, still and satisfied. Then Alicia turned over
onto her back, her dick semi-hard, fairly begging to be sucked back
to full length. When her wife roused from the wonderful stupor
induced by her cunt-lapping, she got over her cock and fiddled with
it. The more she played with it the harder it got, till finally she
slidher lips over the head. It swelled up in her mouth, hardening
as she sucked,and in time her lips were gliding up and down the length
of her raging hard-on. She sucked for a long time, because she was
able to control herself for quite a while. At last she came, shooting
off and hitting the roof of her mouth withher cum. She parted her
lips, letting the stuff roll out. She loved the taste of Alicia’s cum
in her mouth, loved the sensation of the stuff rollingover her lower
lip. They fell asleep in each others arms.

Shemale Orgasm

her panties were off, Stephanie rose and stood over her in her
highheeled shoes. She knelt, looked up at the spread lips of her
pussy andquickly went to work. Her tongue was moving as rapidly as
a piston in astock car as she licked her cunt lips up and down, then
stimulated her clit some more. When she had come, she ordered her to
the couch, where she sat with her rod sticking straight up from her
naked lap. She came to her and straddled her legs, parting her thighs
widely asshe settled into her lap. Her huge cock poked apart the
delicate lips ofher pussy, and as she lowered her body to her the
entire shaft of hercock slid up her sheath. She rode slowly up and
down on her dick, fucking her, arousing her madly. Her prick was so
hard that her upstroke broughther from her lap to nearly a standing
position, and when she went backdown again to engulf her bone, she
shuddered from the feeling. She fucked her like that till she wanted
some different stimulation onthe inside of her pussy, then carefully
worked her way around till herback was to her. Obediently she sat there
letting her wife control themovements of the fuck, her rod a stiff pole
for her wifes pleasure. When she was through using her in that manner
she rose off her, herhuge cock drawing slowly out of the wet slit of
her cunt. She perched on the arm of the couch and ordered her to rise.
Alicia got up, her rodsticking straight out, and she swung around in
front of her. Then, as shesat with one foot propped up, she had her
stand in between her thighs,probe into her pussy with the long shaft
of her cock, and then fuckgently in and out of her pussy. She was
moaning with pleasure, sighing with another orgasm, as she stroked in
and out of her hot, tight hole. “Now I want you to really fuck me
good, husband,” she said with apleased smile as she drew her rod from
her pussy.

I dressup like a woman

I love to come home when the house is sunny and quiet, early in
the morning. I take a long, hot bubble bath, soaking in the warm
body lotion. Then, once I’m all smooth and sleek, and my skin is soft
and rosy, I set up my Bust Pump, and suck out my breasts into nice,
ripe melons. Once my bosoms are formed, I put the small tube onto the
pump, and plump my nipples to 4 or 5 times normal size. I’ve already
painted my toenails a pretty Snow Orange color,they look very nice poking
their way through the suds. I shower off, dry, and put on my make-up.
I put on a nice peach skintone, powder. and do my eyes in white,
orange, and brown, tracing in delicate arched brows, then setting of
my cheeks in a 3 toned peach blush. A bit of magic with a lip pencil,
then filling in with Snow orange lipstick……yum, I’m looking great
and still with short hair! But, like most babes, I’m a blonde, so,
I brush out my favorite frosted blonde wig and touch it up a bit. Continue reading I dressup like a woman

A Boy Becomes A Girl

At breakfast his mother said, “Dennis, I think it’s time to get your hair
“Mom, I got my hair cut last week.”
“It couldn’t have been last week, honey. It’s already over your ears.”
“No way, Mom. I just got it cut.”
“No arguing at the breakfast table,” his father said from behind a paper.
Dennis stomped out. In Geometry his voice cracked in the middle of an
answer which broke up the whole class including the teacher. Dennis blushed
but he recovered quickly.
Nothing happened the next day but on Wednesday as he stepped out of the
shower in the locker room, his chest felt sore. And seemed swollen. He could
actually feel loose flesh around his nipples. He put it out of his mind but
the next morning, alone in the bathroom, he examined himself in the mirror.
Not only was his chest swollen but the nipples were larger. They looked like
small pegs. The circles around them had turned a deep, reddish brown and were
enlarged as well. Continue reading A Boy Becomes A Girl

Appearance Is Of Great Importance

They left the townhouse as Doris explained: “Appearances are
very important for a man who is passing himself off as a woman.
What someone first perceives is the way they are going to think of
you, 99% of the time. If they see a woman, then they are going to
think ‘woman’ even if your voice is a tad low. But in your case,
the first contact a lot of people are going to have with you is
over an airplane’s radio. So your voice has to convey that you
are a woman.
“You might say we are going into phase two of your training
“Which is?”
“Female training. You’re going to take deportment lessons.
We aren’t going to teach you how to act like a woman. An act can
fail under stress. So we are going to teach you to BE a woman.
There will be sessions with image consultants, the voice coach,
and some time out in the real world.

Grab Your Tits

Doris showed up carrying two purses, one of them was for
Anderson. She showed him what cosmetics to carry, enough for field
repairs. He looked at the wallet, it had a Wisconsin driver’s
license in the name of Sherry Anderson, complete with photograph
and signature. There was also a VISA and American Express credit
cards, a pilot’s license (private, instrument airplane), medical
certificate and a radiotelephone permit in Sherry’s name. There
was also $52.47 in cash.
“All those are legal,” Doris said. “Anyone who checks with
the DMV or the FAA will find Sherry Anderson listed. Give me your
Anderson went to find them and handed them over.
“You’ll get these back in a while. Now we have an appointment
with a voice coach. You really need help there, Sherry.”
“I know I sound like a man, but why do you say that?”