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Initiation Into Womens Society

She was beautiful and she was my next door neighbor. Her name is Donna, and

she came over to welcome me to the building. We had a cup of coffee and some

cake she brought over, but she had to run. Going to her dance class she said.

I had taken some dance, so I asked about it. Apparently it was right across

the street, and many people from the building went, but she wasn’t sure that I

would like it, but, if I wanted I could tag along. There was a smile in her

eyes that wouldn’t let go. I put on my sweats and followed her.

It was three floors up. I was the only man in the place, and I could tell that

this wasn’t a soft workout for chubbies. Every woman there had a body that was

toned like a 64 Rolls. They wore their leotards with the grace of professional

dancers, flowing through the room. Many wore a wide sash of embroidered fabric

around their hips. They smiled at me. I was glad I wore my grey sweats.. they

were loose where it counted. I smiled back. Continue reading Initiation Into Womens Society

Transsexual Sex

You’re going to start
spending some time with a therapist to ensure that we aren’t
overloading you. She’ll also help you sort out your feelings about
who you are and what we are training you. Feel free to talk with
her about anything, ok?”
“Sure. Will I still be flying?”
“Oh, yes. You have a *lot* more training to go through.”
The voice coaching was simple. The first session took just
fifteen minutes. The coach showed Anderson how to raise his voice
slightly through humming and gave him a tape-recorder to practice
Transsexual Sex

The therapist was next. Her name was Janet, she explained
that the process was to talk things out. She would have him
explain his life to her. The process was like peeling an onion,
one removes one layer at a time.
Anderson digested that. “But there’s nothing distinct about
the center of an onion,” he remarked. “How do you know when you
get there?”

Turning Into A Girl

Things began to change a little in the second month. Doris
took Anderson to a hairdresser. No names were mentioned, but she
clucked with disapproval at the military haircut. Anderson thought
his hair was long; it was longer than the uniform regs allowed, but
still short. The stylist recut it into a hairstyle that was short
but fairly feminine. She looked at his nails. “Your nails are a
mess. You need to stop chewing them.” She painted them with a
clear liquid, thed waited for the coating to dry. “Now chew on
them,” she said.
Anderson tried, the stuff tasted horrible. he spit out a
fragment of nail and said as much.
“That’s just the point. Take the bottle with you and put a
coat on your nails each morning. After a while, you won’t even
think of biting them.” She then pierced his ears. “You’re about
what, 26,” she asked.
Anderson nodded.
She pierced them twice more, so he had three gold studs in
each ear. “You’re young enough so that looks about right,” she
concluded. After a lecture on how to care for the piercings, she
took him over to a vanity table and began showing him how to apply
cosmetics, indoctrinating him in the mysteries of foundations,
bases, power, lipstick, gloss, mascara, eyeshadow, and cold cream.
After she was done, she scrubbed it all off and had him apply it,
correcting him as he made mistakes.

Conversion Into A Woman

Anderson asked the logical question: “Now what?”
“We’ll handle this just like a standard set of permanent
orders.” He pulled the desk drawer open and handed Anderson a
piece of paper, it was another set of BuPers message orders. When
the standard wording was translated, it read that Lt Anderson was
to be detached from his current duty station, take 30 days’ leave
(known as “delrep” for “delay in reporting”) and report to the
military air terminal at McGuire Air Force Base in civilian
clothes; he was not to use his own vehicle to get there. His
personal effects (known as “household goods” or “HHG”) were to be
put in storage at government expense for the duration of the
orders. “You won’t be stationed at McGuire,” Col. Hampton
explained, “That’s where we’ll be picking you up. Bring three
days’ worth of clothes. The Commodore of DesRon 2 has already
written a detaching fitness report, you’ll sign it when you get to
where you’re going after your leave. Continue reading Conversion Into A Woman