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“What do you mean?” Joe asked. “You wear stuff like this too.” The
panties tickled where they touched him, and he idly scratched his pubic area
as he spoke.
“You’ve never seen me in thong back undies.” Linda denied. “I think they
make my hips look too big. They look absolutely great on you though.”
“I didn’t ask to be this way.” Joe said. “But I’m gonna try to make the
best of what I have left.”
“Well, I really wish you were still male.” Linda said. “But you do make a
great looking woman.”
Yeah, Joe thought. Thats what everybody thinks. His best friend, and
now…his fiance. Could it happen that Linda and Jay might change places in
his life?
“I’m trying my best.” Joe said. “But I gotta say, it’s a little wierd
when your girl friend…your fiance…buys dresses for you.”
“I’m sorry.” Linda said. “I just thought you would like it. I know you
need clothes for work if they don’t get you changed back soon.”
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Big-breasted thai ladyboy

She smiled when she saw he was embarrassed.

“How is it Joe, are you getting used to all this?” She asked

He looked at her and smiled. “I guess I’ll live.” He said.

“I see you changed clothes when you came from work.” Linda said. She
looked at the bra and panties laying on the bed. It was obvious that they had
been previously worn. “Underwear too?”

“Yeah.” Joe said. How could he explain this?

“I just wanted to.” He said. “I don’t know why.”

“Sure.” Linda said. “Wear what ever makes you feel good.”

Joe unbuttoned the gray shorts and slipped out of them. When Linda saw he
wore the black thong bikini, her grin got wider.

“God Joe, you are so attractive.” She said. “I don’t blame you for
wanting to wear things like that.”
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Linda started to run her fingers through Joe’s natural hair. It was
slightly damp with persperation, and it smelled faintly of the perfume he put
on earlier. Joe leaned back and enjoyed her gentle touch. With his body
feminized as it was, everything that touched it felt different now, usually
more sensuous. He still hadn’t adjusted to the heightened sense of touch.

“Why don’t you have your hair done?” Linda asked. “You don’t need to wear
that wig.”

“What do you mean?” Joe asked. “My hair isn’t long enough yet, is it?”

“Well, it could be a little longer.” Linda agreed, pulling his hair down
in front, like bangs. “But I think there might be some kind of style that
would work with the length you’ve got.”

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Turn Into Woman

“That’s sort of the `full formal’ look,” she explained. “It’s
good for an evening out. But for daytime, it’s a bit much…” She
then showed him how to lightly apply makeup for a look that was
both enhanced and natural. “You don’t want to wind up looking like
the daughter of Bozo the Clown and Tammy Faye Bakker.” Anderson
left the salon with that coating still applied.
That took the entire morning and then some. Anderson was
getting very hungry, so Doris dropped him back at the townhouse.
“See you in an hour,” she said. Anderson made a couple of
sandwiches and leafed through two aviation magazines that had been
dropped off. He also noticed that “Cosmopolitan,” “Redbook,” and
“YM” had been added to the selection. He repaired the damage to
his lipstick by the time Doris returned.

Conversion Into A Woman

Anderson asked the logical question: “Now what?”
“We’ll handle this just like a standard set of permanent
orders.” He pulled the desk drawer open and handed Anderson a
piece of paper, it was another set of BuPers message orders. When
the standard wording was translated, it read that Lt Anderson was
to be detached from his current duty station, take 30 days’ leave
(known as “delrep” for “delay in reporting”) and report to the
military air terminal at McGuire Air Force Base in civilian
clothes; he was not to use his own vehicle to get there. His
personal effects (known as “household goods” or “HHG”) were to be
put in storage at government expense for the duration of the
orders. “You won’t be stationed at McGuire,” Col. Hampton
explained, “That’s where we’ll be picking you up. Bring three
days’ worth of clothes. The Commodore of DesRon 2 has already
written a detaching fitness report, you’ll sign it when you get to
where you’re going after your leave. Continue reading Conversion Into A Woman