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Thay ladyboy cumshot

“So…You don’t like to be around me?” Linda asked.

“No, no, it isn’t that.” Joe answered, taking her hand. “I like to be
around you…hell, I NEED to be around you. Who else could help me deal with
all this?”

“I don’t know what we are, Joe Bates.” Linda said. “If you think
your…we’re both…lesbians, then I guess that’s what we are. Does it matter
to you?”

“Linda, I’m a guy…at least I was a guy. To me, you’re a good looking
woman. You still are.” Joe tried to explain. “But look at me. I don’t look
anything like I used to. Maybe I’m a woman…maybe I just look like one…but
whatever I am, I just don’t understand what you see in me anymore.”

“Joe, to me you’re the guy I love.” Linda said. “I don’t what’s going to
happen to us, but I know I’ll stay with you as long as you want me too. Sure,
I wish you still had your male body…God, I hope you can get it back…but if
you can’t, I think I can handle it, if you want too. But, I guess I’ll
understand if you don’t.”

ladyboys from Thailand

I dressup like a woman

I love to come home when the house is sunny and quiet, early in
the morning. I take a long, hot bubble bath, soaking in the warm
body lotion. Then, once I’m all smooth and sleek, and my skin is soft
and rosy, I set up my Bust Pump, and suck out my breasts into nice,
ripe melons. Once my bosoms are formed, I put the small tube onto the
pump, and plump my nipples to 4 or 5 times normal size. I’ve already
painted my toenails a pretty Snow Orange color,they look very nice poking
their way through the suds. I shower off, dry, and put on my make-up.
I put on a nice peach skintone, powder. and do my eyes in white,
orange, and brown, tracing in delicate arched brows, then setting of
my cheeks in a 3 toned peach blush. A bit of magic with a lip pencil,
then filling in with Snow orange lipstick……yum, I’m looking great
and still with short hair! But, like most babes, I’m a blonde, so,
I brush out my favorite frosted blonde wig and touch it up a bit. Continue reading I dressup like a woman

Conversion Into A Woman

Anderson asked the logical question: “Now what?”
“We’ll handle this just like a standard set of permanent
orders.” He pulled the desk drawer open and handed Anderson a
piece of paper, it was another set of BuPers message orders. When
the standard wording was translated, it read that Lt Anderson was
to be detached from his current duty station, take 30 days’ leave
(known as “delrep” for “delay in reporting”) and report to the
military air terminal at McGuire Air Force Base in civilian
clothes; he was not to use his own vehicle to get there. His
personal effects (known as “household goods” or “HHG”) were to be
put in storage at government expense for the duration of the
orders. “You won’t be stationed at McGuire,” Col. Hampton
explained, “That’s where we’ll be picking you up. Bring three
days’ worth of clothes. The Commodore of DesRon 2 has already
written a detaching fitness report, you’ll sign it when you get to
where you’re going after your leave. Continue reading Conversion Into A Woman