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“Joe, don’t worry about what I like, or what I want.” She said, the smile
leaving her face as she spoke. “You do what’s right for you. I’ll want you
however you are.”

Joe turned and looked in the mirror. By now, he had grown accustomed to
how he looked with the wig. His short hair looked strange, and sort of exotic.
He touched his cheek, feeling the softness. His hand then went to his breast.
He cupped it, as if estimating its weight, then squeezed it slightly. The hand
then continued lower, and he carefully felt his pubic area through the dress.

“I really do look like a girl, don’t I?” He said, turning to look at
Linda. “I just checked, and I guess I feel like one now too. I don’t have
any choice in the matter, but that’s what I am. If tomorrow, next month, or
next year they tell me I can go back, then I’ll have a difficult decision to
make. Till then I guess this person in the mirror is what I am.”
“And I’ll help you.” Linda said. “However you want to handle it, I’ll
help you.”

“Should I wear this tomorrow?” Joe asked. “Can I wear it to get a hair

“You can if you want to.” Linda said. “It’ll probably take less than an

Joe thought about Sally’s…all the women just sitting
around…talking…gossiping…about god knows what. If they even suspected
that he was really a guy…a rooster in the hen-house…he could imagine the
disturbance it would create. Of course, there is no way he would be
detected…he may not always know precisely how to act like a woman, but
nobody could ever get him confused with a man. Not unless he told them. And
even then it’s doubtful they’d believe him.

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“What do you mean?” Joe asked. “You wear stuff like this too.” The
panties tickled where they touched him, and he idly scratched his pubic area
as he spoke.
“You’ve never seen me in thong back undies.” Linda denied. “I think they
make my hips look too big. They look absolutely great on you though.”
“I didn’t ask to be this way.” Joe said. “But I’m gonna try to make the
best of what I have left.”
“Well, I really wish you were still male.” Linda said. “But you do make a
great looking woman.”
Yeah, Joe thought. Thats what everybody thinks. His best friend, and
now…his fiance. Could it happen that Linda and Jay might change places in
his life?
“I’m trying my best.” Joe said. “But I gotta say, it’s a little wierd
when your girl friend…your fiance…buys dresses for you.”
“I’m sorry.” Linda said. “I just thought you would like it. I know you
need clothes for work if they don’t get you changed back soon.”
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She smiled when she saw he was embarrassed.

“How is it Joe, are you getting used to all this?” She asked

He looked at her and smiled. “I guess I’ll live.” He said.

“I see you changed clothes when you came from work.” Linda said. She
looked at the bra and panties laying on the bed. It was obvious that they had
been previously worn. “Underwear too?”

“Yeah.” Joe said. How could he explain this?

“I just wanted to.” He said. “I don’t know why.”

“Sure.” Linda said. “Wear what ever makes you feel good.”

Joe unbuttoned the gray shorts and slipped out of them. When Linda saw he
wore the black thong bikini, her grin got wider.

“God Joe, you are so attractive.” She said. “I don’t blame you for
wanting to wear things like that.”
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“You’ve got to try it on.” Linda insisted. If it don’t fit, or you if
don’t like it, I’ll return it tomorrow. I think it’s a little big for me, but
it’s probably just your size.”

Joe picked it up by the hanger and looking it over.

“Come on Joe, try it on.” Linda said again. “I just know it’ll look great
on you.”

As Linda watched, Joe pulled the T-shirt over his head. The thin fabric
of his bra’s seamless cups did nothing to hide the little points of his erect
nipples. He absent mindedly rubbed his hand across his breasts, and then
looked down at them. He saw Linda watching, and it made him blush.
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Linda finished the call and hung up. Joe got up from the couch. He
started to go to his room.

“Oh, that reminds me.” Linda said. “I was in Bullocks over lunch, and I
found this fantastic dress. I just knew it would be right for you. I know
you’ll like it. I put it on your bed.”

Great, Joe thought. Now my girl friend is buying me dresses she just
knows would be RIGHT for me.

Joe went to his room, Linda following close behind. On the bed lay the
dress. It was a twill cotton shirtdress with a notch collar surplice top. It
had a pleated knee length straight skirt, and it was an olive color. It came
with a wide, fabric covered, matching color belt, with a gold buckle. Linda
was right, as usual. He liked it immediately.
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Initiation Into Womens Society

She was beautiful and she was my next door neighbor. Her name is Donna, and

she came over to welcome me to the building. We had a cup of coffee and some

cake she brought over, but she had to run. Going to her dance class she said.

I had taken some dance, so I asked about it. Apparently it was right across

the street, and many people from the building went, but she wasn’t sure that I

would like it, but, if I wanted I could tag along. There was a smile in her

eyes that wouldn’t let go. I put on my sweats and followed her.

It was three floors up. I was the only man in the place, and I could tell that

this wasn’t a soft workout for chubbies. Every woman there had a body that was

toned like a 64 Rolls. They wore their leotards with the grace of professional

dancers, flowing through the room. Many wore a wide sash of embroidered fabric

around their hips. They smiled at me. I was glad I wore my grey sweats.. they

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Grab Your Tits

Doris showed up carrying two purses, one of them was for
Anderson. She showed him what cosmetics to carry, enough for field
repairs. He looked at the wallet, it had a Wisconsin driver’s
license in the name of Sherry Anderson, complete with photograph
and signature. There was also a VISA and American Express credit
cards, a pilot’s license (private, instrument airplane), medical
certificate and a radiotelephone permit in Sherry’s name. There
was also $52.47 in cash.
“All those are legal,” Doris said. “Anyone who checks with
the DMV or the FAA will find Sherry Anderson listed. Give me your
Anderson went to find them and handed them over.
“You’ll get these back in a while. Now we have an appointment
with a voice coach. You really need help there, Sherry.”
“I know I sound like a man, but why do you say that?”

Turning Into A Girl

Things began to change a little in the second month. Doris
took Anderson to a hairdresser. No names were mentioned, but she
clucked with disapproval at the military haircut. Anderson thought
his hair was long; it was longer than the uniform regs allowed, but
still short. The stylist recut it into a hairstyle that was short
but fairly feminine. She looked at his nails. “Your nails are a
mess. You need to stop chewing them.” She painted them with a
clear liquid, thed waited for the coating to dry. “Now chew on
them,” she said.
Anderson tried, the stuff tasted horrible. he spit out a
fragment of nail and said as much.
“That’s just the point. Take the bottle with you and put a
coat on your nails each morning. After a while, you won’t even
think of biting them.” She then pierced his ears. “You’re about
what, 26,” she asked.
Anderson nodded.
She pierced them twice more, so he had three gold studs in
each ear. “You’re young enough so that looks about right,” she
concluded. After a lecture on how to care for the piercings, she
took him over to a vanity table and began showing him how to apply
cosmetics, indoctrinating him in the mysteries of foundations,
bases, power, lipstick, gloss, mascara, eyeshadow, and cold cream.
After she was done, she scrubbed it all off and had him apply it,
correcting him as he made mistakes.

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