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“So…You don’t like to be around me?” Linda asked.

“No, no, it isn’t that.” Joe answered, taking her hand. “I like to be
around you…hell, I NEED to be around you. Who else could help me deal with
all this?”

“I don’t know what we are, Joe Bates.” Linda said. “If you think
your…we’re both…lesbians, then I guess that’s what we are. Does it matter
to you?”

“Linda, I’m a guy…at least I was a guy. To me, you’re a good looking
woman. You still are.” Joe tried to explain. “But look at me. I don’t look
anything like I used to. Maybe I’m a woman…maybe I just look like one…but
whatever I am, I just don’t understand what you see in me anymore.”

“Joe, to me you’re the guy I love.” Linda said. “I don’t what’s going to
happen to us, but I know I’ll stay with you as long as you want me too. Sure,
I wish you still had your male body…God, I hope you can get it back…but if
you can’t, I think I can handle it, if you want too. But, I guess I’ll
understand if you don’t.”

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Jay left, leaving Joe alone with Linda. She came over to where he was
seated, and started massaging his neck. It felt good, but Joe was becoming
uncomfortable being around her…touching her. He wasn’t sure why, but it was
a strange thing to deal with. He just didn’t know how to handle it.

Joe leaned back, and looked up at Linda. She smiled lovingly as she
looked into his eyes.

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Linda’s car was in the drive when Joe and Jay pulled in. Joe had consumed
two trinks with Jay, and he was certainly feeling the effects. Jay worried
that Linda would be irritated with him, as if it was his fault that Joe had
acquired the buzz which lowered his inhibitions and made him talk about
anything which came to his head. Apparently, a great many things were passing
through Joe’s head this evening…He seemed to constantly talk about something
or another during the drive to Linda’s.

They went inside where Linda was sitting on the lounge watching the news
on TV.

Hello Joe. And you too Jay.” She said. “What have you two been up too?”

“We went flying.” Joe said. “I just had to get away for a while.”

“And I better be going.” Jay said, edging toward the door.

“Aw, come on Jay, stick around a while.” Joe asked. He didn’t want his
friend to leave. He liked being around Jay.

“No, I better be going.” Jay repeated. His new feelings for his pal were
difficult enough to deal with, without being around Linda too.

Joe could sense Jay was uncomfortable. He decided to let his friend go.
If Jay did have new feelings for him, he didn’t want Linda to find out. Not
yet, anyway. Things were already confusing enough.
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Lulu was saying, ” Come on, newlyweds, let’s cut the

cake and open the presents.”

My “groom,” who I learned was named Ron, took my hand

and led me up the isle. On the way he said, “You’re very

beautiful. I’m glad I got to be a part of this.” Then he

stopped and kissed me again. I was surprised that I was not

repulsed by this and in fact enjoyed kissing him back.

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His arms were around me, pulling me tight against him.

He was so strong. My hand was on his back and I was pulling

him closer. I was really kissing him, and what a kiss! Then

the music started, and everyone was talking at once. Lulu was

hugging me, telling me how proud she was of me, asking how I

felt. Before I could answer, Carla gave me a kiss, saying

what a beautiful wedding it was.

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What did she mean by that? I wasn’t nervous now. i was

just plain scared. What had Lulu cooked up this time? Just

then I heard the music begin, my cue to start down the isle.

When I looked down front, there stood Carla and Lulu, smiling

at me. On the other side stood Mel, his mouth was wide open.

I was hoping that meant he was Impresses with how I looked. I

nearly fainted when I saw the man next to Mel. He was about

six feet tall, quite nice looking, and a total stranger to

me. Where had Lulu gotten this guy? Did he know who or what I


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“Gee, I thought you’d be wearing a tux,” I said, “not

dressed like the maid of honor.”

“Oh, no,” Lulu laughed. “I said Carla was your attendant

I’m your maid of honor.”

“But you are the groom!” I exclaimed.

“I can’t very well marry another woman. Remember you’re

the crossdresser in this family, not me.”

“Then who’s the groom?” I was getting worried now.

“Just like a woman to be nervous on her wedding day,”

Lulu said turning to leave. “See you down front. Don’t forget

to say your “I do’s” nice and loud.”

Carla walked over to me, kissed me on the cheek and

said, “You are a very beautiful bride.” Then, barely holding

back the laughter, she added, “I’m sure you’ll make him very

happy. Enjoy your honeymoon.”

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Soon I was standinf in front of a full-length mirror

looking at the blushing bride: me. Then I remembered the

wedding plans. “What about the minister?” I asked. “He will

never agree to this. And what about Mel and Carla?”

“The minister is fresh out of the seminary and welcomes

any practice he can get,” my wife said. “mel is going to be

the best man, and Carla is going to be your attendant.

I couldn’t believe she had told our friends about my

crossdressing. How could I ever Mel again?

The night of the wedding, Lulu came in to see how I was

doing getting dressed. I was surprised to see Carla and her

wearing matching dresses.

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A real surprise came a few weeks ago. Our tenth

anniversary was fast approaching, and we had talked about

exchanging vows again. We had arranged to hire a minister in

a small chapel and have another couple, our best friends,

stand up for us. This would be on a Wednesday night, and we

would take off the rest of the week for a second honeymoon. I

should have known nothing is as expected when Lulu is


She called me at work and told me to meet her at a

bridal shop later on so we could get fitted. I thought she

meant that I would be renting a tux. But when I arrived at

the shop she was inside talking to the owner. they gave me a

strange smile when I walked in. The owner looked at me and

said, “Yes, I have something will fit him perfectly.”

She disappeared into the back and before I could ask

Lulu what was going on, the owner reappeared carrying a long

white wedding gown. She instructed me to follow her to the

changing room. My wife followed us carrying a bag which, I

soon discovered, contained my wig, makeup, underwear and

padding. I was informed that this time, I was to be the

bride! “It’s something every woman wants to experience,” said


Transsexual Embarrassment

My wife loves to embarrass me outdoors too. We will go

to a public tennis court with me dressed in a white shirt and

shorts with bright pink panties and a bra that will clearly

show through underneath. It never fails to provoke stares. I

have also gone to the tennis courts wearing a tennis dress

with full makeup and a blonde wig. I’m quite convincing when

dressed as a girl, so this doesn’t bother my game. But what

does bother it is the fact that I’m also wearing tight nipple

clamps and have a but plug in place.

Lulu thinks I should experience womanly feelings and

adventures as much as possible. So in bed I must be ready to

accept her strap-on dildo and open my mouth so she can feed

me my semen when I come. I also make regular visits to a

beauty saloon for wig styling and facials.

Transsexual Action

I am a cross-dresser who has for years enjoyed looking

and acting like a woman. Lulu, my wife, started to enjoy this

side of me once she discovered how easily she could dominate

me. She likes to expose my transvestism to unsuspecting


At first it was something simple like holding panties up

to my waist while shopping for lingerie. But it has

progressed to her telling me to buy specific items like a

pink bra, a red garter belt or a black teddy. She also

insists that I tell the sails clerk that the items are for

me. i will be severely punished if I don’t comply, so when we

go into the lingerie department and asked what we’re looking

for, I will answer, “A pink bra. I wear a 36A.” It never

fails to raise eyebrows. I love the embarrassment of it all.

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She got up and went to the couch, positioning herself
on her hands and knees. Alicia knew what to do. This was one of the
most exciting ways for them to fuck, a position that thrilled them both.
She sat on the couch behind her, her rod between her thighs and into
the tight channel of her pussy from the rear. Gripping her waist, she
began to slide into her. Her cock filled her hole tightly, the hotly
lubricated channel of her sweet young cunt. She fucked her again and
again, till she came loudly, then dropped flat to the couch. Alicia
pulled out shooting her load all over her tight ass then rubbed it in.
She was on her stomach for a long while, and when she awoke it was
to order her into the bedroom. Their bed chamber was a seductive
room, with rust-hued walls and a gorgeous bronze-like bedspread.
They were quickly naked, except for Stephanies garter belt and
nylons, then lounged on the large bed. Shewanted some more of that
doggie-style fucking that Alicia was giving heron the couch,
so she got on her hands and knees and ordered her to fuckher.
Gladly, her husband got in behind her on the bed on her knees
andstuck her rod up her cunt from behind. Then she shoved it in
and out,battering her shapely buttocks with her loins as she
fucked her harderand harder. When she withdrew, Stephanie
rolled over onto her back, pulling her on top of her. Her body
was coated with sweat, her forehead beaded with dewy perspiration
and her rod as stiff as it had ever been in her life as she
mounted her. She tossed her head, moaning softly as she felt
her dick penetrate the soft barrier of her pussy.

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“Undress me, Alicia,” she commanded; and it was an orderthat
never failed to excite her further. She came up from between
her thighs with trembling fingers and reachedor the buttons
that ran down the front of her white silk blouse. Sheundid
them carefully, seeing the bulging white curves of her breasts
asthe garment parted. She stood, nearly kicking her aside as
she did so,and let the blouse fall over the soft curves of her
shoulders. Herlarge, shapely breasts jiggled enticingly as
she stared up at them. Sheput her moist fingers in the waistband
of her black skirt, then pulledit down over her slender ankles,
and she stood before her nearly naked,wearing only a black and
red garter belt and the nylon stockings itsuspended. “Get my red
negligee, Slave, “Stephanie said. “Yes, mistress,” she replied
gladly, scrambling for the bedroom, hercock a stiff stick in her
panties, impeding her progress. She returned with her finest
negligee; and as she stood tall in themiddle of the living room
she placed it reverently over her voluptuousbody. In her high heels
she seemed to tower over her, her perfectbreasts bobbing beneath
the see-through material of her negligee. Therest they were able
to do without speech, and soon Stephanie was seatedon their tan
leather couch, legs and negligee parted, feet propped upfor comfort.
Alicia knew what to do without being told. As Stephanie leaned back,
relaxing after her hard days work, her husband knelt between her legs
and pressed her aching mouth to the split mound of her pussy. Her
tongue was like a flicking snake, caressing up and down the inner
lipsof her pussy, then stimulating the pink nubbin of her clit. She
had hermoaning with pleasure as she lapped the juices from deep inside
her wetpussy. When they were done, she ordered her to stand; and
that’s when shenoticed the stiffness of her rod. It tented out the
front of her pantiespoking up the white apron that covered her front.
“Drop you panties,” she ordered in a scolding tone of voice. “Look at
that lump in your panties, it’s disgraceful.” Afire with lust and
excitement, Alicia undid the buckle of her belt,unzipped her panties
and slowly lowered them to the floor. Her rod sprangfree, huge and
stiff and wavering in front of the tall imperious woman.Stripping
for her always excited her, made her feel somehow like a little
girl dropping her drawers before a beautiful woman teacher.

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It was almost timefor Stephanie to
get home and Alicia was getting
warmwith excitement at the thought. She was
finishing the vacuuming, thelast of the housework
that she had told her to do that day. Nothing
thrilled her more than playing servant to the tall,
imperious girl shehad married. She was so beautiful
and she loved her so much – thatkneeling in
submission before her was the supreme pleasure in
her life.She had a hard-on in her tight panties,
beneath the frilly white apronthat covered them, truly
a slave of love to that girl.

She heard the front
door open and a tingle of titillation went throughher.
Then she stepped into the living room : a gorgeous
creature withlong dark hair. She stood with hands on
hips, watching her finish hertasks, clad in the white
silk blouse and neat black skirt she had wornthat day
to the office where she was a rising young executive.
She hada look of disapproval on her face as she stepped
across the freshlyvacuumed carpet and dropped into an
easy-chair. “I’m tired, Alicia,” she sighed. “it’s
been a hard day, one conferenceafter another. And some
of my underlings are no better than you.Inefficient.
I have to do everything myself.” She nodded, shutting
off the vacuum cleaner as she motioned for her to set
it aside and cometo her. “Remove my shoes,” she snapped,
“and then massage my feet.” “Yes, Mistress,” she said,
hurrying over and addressing her in theform she most liked
to hear. It thrilled her just to say those words,the
submissive words of a love slave, and she was soon on her
knees ather feet. With a feeling of reverence mixed with
growing passion, Alicia liftedone of the feet Stephanie
offered her and caressed the well-polishedshoe. She removed
it,setting it aside, then took the stockinged footin the palm
of her hands. This was the finest prize she could imagineas
she stroked the smooth foot, admired the perfect form, then
bent tobestow a worshipful kiss. Stephanie moved forward in
the chair, raising her black skirt as shedid so,then parting
her legs. “Get your head between my thighs,Slave,” she ordered
her, “and eat my pussy.” It was involuntary movement as Alicia
nodded in submission, setting downher foot to bend her body
towards her wife. As she moved closer to theedge of the
chair she pressed her face between the smooth, white pillars
of her thighs, getting an incredibly strong whiff of her
passion. Herlips touched the soft succulent skin that covered
the clefted littlemound of her pussy and the fragrance of her
juices increased so stronglythat she suddenly thrust her tongue
deep into her cunt and swallowed herjuices. The more Alicia
licked her wifes pussy, the hotter it felt andherjuices were
flowing even more. She could hear her softly moaning aboveher
as she lapped away on her marvelous twat. She felt her quiver
with a mild orgasm, and when that had passed sheheard her speak.