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Transsexual Sex

You’re going to start
spending some time with a therapist to ensure that we aren’t
overloading you. She’ll also help you sort out your feelings about
who you are and what we are training you. Feel free to talk with
her about anything, ok?”
“Sure. Will I still be flying?”
“Oh, yes. You have a *lot* more training to go through.”
The voice coaching was simple. The first session took just
fifteen minutes. The coach showed Anderson how to raise his voice
slightly through humming and gave him a tape-recorder to practice
Transsexual Sex

The therapist was next. Her name was Janet, she explained
that the process was to talk things out. She would have him
explain his life to her. The process was like peeling an onion,
one removes one layer at a time.
Anderson digested that. “But there’s nothing distinct about
the center of an onion,” he remarked. “How do you know when you
get there?”

Appearance Is Of Great Importance

They left the townhouse as Doris explained: “Appearances are
very important for a man who is passing himself off as a woman.
What someone first perceives is the way they are going to think of
you, 99% of the time. If they see a woman, then they are going to
think ‘woman’ even if your voice is a tad low. But in your case,
the first contact a lot of people are going to have with you is
over an airplane’s radio. So your voice has to convey that you
are a woman.
“You might say we are going into phase two of your training
“Which is?”
“Female training. You’re going to take deportment lessons.
We aren’t going to teach you how to act like a woman. An act can
fail under stress. So we are going to teach you to BE a woman.
There will be sessions with image consultants, the voice coach,
and some time out in the real world.