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She smiled when she saw he was embarrassed.

“How is it Joe, are you getting used to all this?” She asked

He looked at her and smiled. “I guess I’ll live.” He said.

“I see you changed clothes when you came from work.” Linda said. She
looked at the bra and panties laying on the bed. It was obvious that they had
been previously worn. “Underwear too?”

“Yeah.” Joe said. How could he explain this?

“I just wanted to.” He said. “I don’t know why.”

“Sure.” Linda said. “Wear what ever makes you feel good.”

Joe unbuttoned the gray shorts and slipped out of them. When Linda saw he
wore the black thong bikini, her grin got wider.

“God Joe, you are so attractive.” She said. “I don’t blame you for
wanting to wear things like that.”
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Linda finished the call and hung up. Joe got up from the couch. He
started to go to his room.

“Oh, that reminds me.” Linda said. “I was in Bullocks over lunch, and I
found this fantastic dress. I just knew it would be right for you. I know
you’ll like it. I put it on your bed.”

Great, Joe thought. Now my girl friend is buying me dresses she just
knows would be RIGHT for me.

Joe went to his room, Linda following close behind. On the bed lay the
dress. It was a twill cotton shirtdress with a notch collar surplice top. It
had a pleated knee length straight skirt, and it was an olive color. It came
with a wide, fabric covered, matching color belt, with a gold buckle. Linda
was right, as usual. He liked it immediately.
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“Do you really think so?” Joe asked again. He couldn’t wait to do without
the wig.

“Do you want me to call Sally?” Linda asked. Sally was Linda’s

“Will you have to tell her about me?” Joe asked.

“Not if you don’t want her to know.” Linda said. “I doubt if she would
believe it anyway. I can tell her you are your sister, from St. Louis or
somewhere, if that’s what you want.”

“Yeah, I do.” Joe considered. “I don’t want everybody knowing about this
yet. Not until I’m sure we can’t be changed back.”

Linda sat down next to Joe, and picked up the cordless phone beside the
lounge and punched in a number.

“Sally, this is Linda Mitchell. Hi. Yeah, I’m fine. No, I have someone
here who I’d like you to see. He…She needs her hair done…its very
short…a friend cut it for her and she hates it. Yes. I think that would be
ok. Just a minute.” Linda looked at Joe.

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“So…You don’t like to be around me?” Linda asked.

“No, no, it isn’t that.” Joe answered, taking her hand. “I like to be
around you…hell, I NEED to be around you. Who else could help me deal with
all this?”

“I don’t know what we are, Joe Bates.” Linda said. “If you think
your…we’re both…lesbians, then I guess that’s what we are. Does it matter
to you?”

“Linda, I’m a guy…at least I was a guy. To me, you’re a good looking
woman. You still are.” Joe tried to explain. “But look at me. I don’t look
anything like I used to. Maybe I’m a woman…maybe I just look like one…but
whatever I am, I just don’t understand what you see in me anymore.”

“Joe, to me you’re the guy I love.” Linda said. “I don’t what’s going to
happen to us, but I know I’ll stay with you as long as you want me too. Sure,
I wish you still had your male body…God, I hope you can get it back…but if
you can’t, I think I can handle it, if you want too. But, I guess I’ll
understand if you don’t.”

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