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She got up and went to the couch, positioning herself
on her hands and knees. Alicia knew what to do. This was one of the
most exciting ways for them to fuck, a position that thrilled them both.
She sat on the couch behind her, her rod between her thighs and into
the tight channel of her pussy from the rear. Gripping her waist, she
began to slide into her. Her cock filled her hole tightly, the hotly
lubricated channel of her sweet young cunt. She fucked her again and
again, till she came loudly, then dropped flat to the couch. Alicia
pulled out shooting her load all over her tight ass then rubbed it in.
She was on her stomach for a long while, and when she awoke it was
to order her into the bedroom. Their bed chamber was a seductive
room, with rust-hued walls and a gorgeous bronze-like bedspread.
They were quickly naked, except for Stephanies garter belt and
nylons, then lounged on the large bed. Shewanted some more of that
doggie-style fucking that Alicia was giving heron the couch,
so she got on her hands and knees and ordered her to fuckher.
Gladly, her husband got in behind her on the bed on her knees
andstuck her rod up her cunt from behind. Then she shoved it in
and out,battering her shapely buttocks with her loins as she
fucked her harderand harder. When she withdrew, Stephanie
rolled over onto her back, pulling her on top of her. Her body
was coated with sweat, her forehead beaded with dewy perspiration
and her rod as stiff as it had ever been in her life as she
mounted her. She tossed her head, moaning softly as she felt
her dick penetrate the soft barrier of her pussy.

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her panties were off, Stephanie rose and stood over her in her
highheeled shoes. She knelt, looked up at the spread lips of her
pussy andquickly went to work. Her tongue was moving as rapidly as
a piston in astock car as she licked her cunt lips up and down, then
stimulated her clit some more. When she had come, she ordered her to
the couch, where she sat with her rod sticking straight up from her
naked lap. She came to her and straddled her legs, parting her thighs
widely asshe settled into her lap. Her huge cock poked apart the
delicate lips ofher pussy, and as she lowered her body to her the
entire shaft of hercock slid up her sheath. She rode slowly up and
down on her dick, fucking her, arousing her madly. Her prick was so
hard that her upstroke broughther from her lap to nearly a standing
position, and when she went backdown again to engulf her bone, she
shuddered from the feeling. She fucked her like that till she wanted
some different stimulation onthe inside of her pussy, then carefully
worked her way around till herback was to her. Obediently she sat there
letting her wife control themovements of the fuck, her rod a stiff pole
for her wifes pleasure. When she was through using her in that manner
she rose off her, herhuge cock drawing slowly out of the wet slit of
her cunt. She perched on the arm of the couch and ordered her to rise.
Alicia got up, her rodsticking straight out, and she swung around in
front of her. Then, as shesat with one foot propped up, she had her
stand in between her thighs,probe into her pussy with the long shaft
of her cock, and then fuckgently in and out of her pussy. She was
moaning with pleasure, sighing with another orgasm, as she stroked in
and out of her hot, tight hole. “Now I want you to really fuck me
good, husband,” she said with apleased smile as she drew her rod from
her pussy.

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“Undress me, Alicia,” she commanded; and it was an orderthat
never failed to excite her further. She came up from between
her thighs with trembling fingers and reachedor the buttons
that ran down the front of her white silk blouse. Sheundid
them carefully, seeing the bulging white curves of her breasts
asthe garment parted. She stood, nearly kicking her aside as
she did so,and let the blouse fall over the soft curves of her
shoulders. Herlarge, shapely breasts jiggled enticingly as
she stared up at them. Sheput her moist fingers in the waistband
of her black skirt, then pulledit down over her slender ankles,
and she stood before her nearly naked,wearing only a black and
red garter belt and the nylon stockings itsuspended. “Get my red
negligee, Slave, “Stephanie said. “Yes, mistress,” she replied
gladly, scrambling for the bedroom, hercock a stiff stick in her
panties, impeding her progress. She returned with her finest
negligee; and as she stood tall in themiddle of the living room
she placed it reverently over her voluptuousbody. In her high heels
she seemed to tower over her, her perfectbreasts bobbing beneath
the see-through material of her negligee. Therest they were able
to do without speech, and soon Stephanie was seatedon their tan
leather couch, legs and negligee parted, feet propped upfor comfort.
Alicia knew what to do without being told. As Stephanie leaned back,
relaxing after her hard days work, her husband knelt between her legs
and pressed her aching mouth to the split mound of her pussy. Her
tongue was like a flicking snake, caressing up and down the inner
lipsof her pussy, then stimulating the pink nubbin of her clit. She
had hermoaning with pleasure as she lapped the juices from deep inside
her wetpussy. When they were done, she ordered her to stand; and
that’s when shenoticed the stiffness of her rod. It tented out the
front of her pantiespoking up the white apron that covered her front.
“Drop you panties,” she ordered in a scolding tone of voice. “Look at
that lump in your panties, it’s disgraceful.” Afire with lust and
excitement, Alicia undid the buckle of her belt,unzipped her panties
and slowly lowered them to the floor. Her rod sprangfree, huge and
stiff and wavering in front of the tall imperious woman.Stripping
for her always excited her, made her feel somehow like a little
girl dropping her drawers before a beautiful woman teacher.

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It was almost timefor Stephanie to
get home and Alicia was getting
warmwith excitement at the thought. She was
finishing the vacuuming, thelast of the housework
that she had told her to do that day. Nothing
thrilled her more than playing servant to the tall,
imperious girl shehad married. She was so beautiful
and she loved her so much – thatkneeling in
submission before her was the supreme pleasure in
her life.She had a hard-on in her tight panties,
beneath the frilly white apronthat covered them, truly
a slave of love to that girl.

She heard the front
door open and a tingle of titillation went throughher.
Then she stepped into the living room : a gorgeous
creature withlong dark hair. She stood with hands on
hips, watching her finish hertasks, clad in the white
silk blouse and neat black skirt she had wornthat day
to the office where she was a rising young executive.
She hada look of disapproval on her face as she stepped
across the freshlyvacuumed carpet and dropped into an
easy-chair. “I’m tired, Alicia,” she sighed. “it’s
been a hard day, one conferenceafter another. And some
of my underlings are no better than you.Inefficient.
I have to do everything myself.” She nodded, shutting
off the vacuum cleaner as she motioned for her to set
it aside and cometo her. “Remove my shoes,” she snapped,
“and then massage my feet.” “Yes, Mistress,” she said,
hurrying over and addressing her in theform she most liked
to hear. It thrilled her just to say those words,the
submissive words of a love slave, and she was soon on her
knees ather feet. With a feeling of reverence mixed with
growing passion, Alicia liftedone of the feet Stephanie
offered her and caressed the well-polishedshoe. She removed
it,setting it aside, then took the stockinged footin the palm
of her hands. This was the finest prize she could imagineas
she stroked the smooth foot, admired the perfect form, then
bent tobestow a worshipful kiss. Stephanie moved forward in
the chair, raising her black skirt as shedid so,then parting
her legs. “Get your head between my thighs,Slave,” she ordered
her, “and eat my pussy.” It was involuntary movement as Alicia
nodded in submission, setting downher foot to bend her body
towards her wife. As she moved closer to theedge of the
chair she pressed her face between the smooth, white pillars
of her thighs, getting an incredibly strong whiff of her
passion. Herlips touched the soft succulent skin that covered
the clefted littlemound of her pussy and the fragrance of her
juices increased so stronglythat she suddenly thrust her tongue
deep into her cunt and swallowed herjuices. The more Alicia
licked her wifes pussy, the hotter it felt andherjuices were
flowing even more. She could hear her softly moaning aboveher
as she lapped away on her marvelous twat. She felt her quiver
with a mild orgasm, and when that had passed sheheard her speak.

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I love to come home when the house is sunny and quiet, early in
the morning. I take a long, hot bubble bath, soaking in the warm
body lotion. Then, once I’m all smooth and sleek, and my skin is soft
and rosy, I set up my Bust Pump, and suck out my breasts into nice,
ripe melons. Once my bosoms are formed, I put the small tube onto the
pump, and plump my nipples to 4 or 5 times normal size. I’ve already
painted my toenails a pretty Snow Orange color,they look very nice poking
their way through the suds. I shower off, dry, and put on my make-up.
I put on a nice peach skintone, powder. and do my eyes in white,
orange, and brown, tracing in delicate arched brows, then setting of
my cheeks in a 3 toned peach blush. A bit of magic with a lip pencil,
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“It’s your choice. Go home and think it over.”
Sherry nodded solemnly and left. She thought about it quite
a lot. She thought about how she had never quite fit in as a man
and how everything felt so right now. She had a few drinks in
thinking it over, too.

Sherry was wearing a pink suit and was waiting in Janet’s
outer office when Janet came to work the next day. “Come on in,
Sherry,” Janet said. They sat down and Janet didn’t say anything.
Sherry took a deep breath and smiled. “I want it to be
permanent. When can we start?”

Janet looked solemn. Inside she felt joyous, but kept a
professional demeanor. She opened a drawer and handed her a piece
of paper. “Take this to the pharmacy, they’ll fill the order.
Follow the instructions exactly, Sherry. Ok?”
“Sure, Janet.”
Janet stood up and hugged Sherry. “Welcome to the other side,

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“Do you want to go back to being Sam?”
“What? But Colonel Hampton said-”
I know what he said,” Janet interrupted. “What has been done
is easily changable. Even if you have no facial hair, all you’d
need to do is get a crewcut, change clothes, take out your
earrings, and everyone would assume you are a man. But now you’re
at a decision point.
“For what I am going to say now, I do not want an answer.
Promise me you won’t say a word to me until tomorrow morning or
later if you need the time. All right?”
Sherry nodded.
“This is the choice: you can go down the impersonation road
with facial surgery and breast implants. It’ll fool most of the
people. When you’re done, Dr. Trotti can make you look almost the
way you look now. Not quite, but almost.

“The other option is more permanent. Instead of implants,
you’d start hormones. We’ll schedule you for voice surgery, your
voice will be higher forever. The facial surgery will be more
extensive. And finally, if you make it that far, you’d go through
sexual reassignment surgery. At that point, you’d be as female as
chemistry, training, and surgery can make you.

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“Face and voice?”
“Yes. I’d say if she is to go that route, we do the surgery
before she goes out for learning how to live on her own as a
“All right,” Col Hampton concluded. “Call the airport and
have Sherry brought here for a discussion about hormones with you
and you alone. We’ll wait up in Trotti’s office.”

Sherry came to Janet’s office looking an absolute mess. She
was sweating from the effort of conducting the dead engine
exercises. “This is a little out of the unusual,” Sherry said.
“What’s up?”

“I’ve been reviewing your progress here, Sherry. You are
turning out to be a fine young woman. When I or anyone else looks
at you, we’d be hard-pressed to believe that you are really a man.
How do you feel about it?”
Sherry was taken a little aback. “I guess I feel good about
it. When I get dressed and look in the mirror, I see me. It’s
hard for me to realize that I am a man, too.”

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Col Hampton mulled that over. “How’s the flying coming?”
Doris fielded that. “Craig says she’s doing well. She may
not be a pure natural at it, but she is working very hard at it.”
“So, what’s the next step in her training?”
“She’s started multi-engine work. Once she gets her multi
ticket, then we are going to get her rated in DC-3s and C-46s,
along with turboprops. After that, then it may be time to send her
out living full-time as a pilot to build up her flight time.”
“What about tradecraft?”
“We’ll start weapons training next week, along with escape and
evasion, surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques, and the
usual stuff,” Doris said.
“What about her femininity?”
“I think it’s time to see if she wants to start hormones,”
Janet replied. If she agrees and sticks with it for the next few
months, then it may be advisable to consider some non-genital
reassignment surgery.”

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Sherry started working with Craig on her multi-engine rating
in the Twin Beech the next day, including a session on the care and
feeding of radial engines. “You can’t overprime a radial,” Craig
admonished. She learned about engines that measured their oil
levels in gallons, not quarts.
While Sherry was being introduced to the fun of engine-out
drills, a conference was underway concerning her progress. Col
Hampton had flown in, he met with Janet, Doris, and Dr. Trotti.
“How’s our boy doing,” was his first question.
Janet smiled. “She’s a woman, Colonel, and she’s doing fine.”
“Frankly, I don’t think Sherry’s a transvestite. I think
she’s a transsexual, although she really hasn’t admitted it to
herself. The majority of TVs we get here aren’t content to go
full-time dressed up. They find some way of visibly asserting
their masculinity. The TSs assimilate completely. Sherry has
shown no signs of not wanting to be a woman. No covert strength
exercises, or anything like that.
“Her adjustment to female living has been remarkable, although
I don’t think she should consider making a living as a chef.” That
comment earned a laugh from Doris.

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The big treat came after Sherry passed her commercial pilot’s
check ride. Doris and Janet treated her to a trip to Chicago for
three days of R&R. They took the Bonanza, Sherry flew them to
Meig’s Field right downtown. They went shopping on Michigan Avenue
and in Watertower Place. The highpoint was a theatre night,
including a fantastic dinner afterwards. Sherry was sorry to leave
Chicago, even though she logged some good instrument time,
including a NDB approach to their home base.

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The town (she thought of it as that) has several running courses
laid out along the roads, complete with mileage markers. Sherry’s
goal was to run three laps around the airport, a distance of over
seven miles.
The coursework was changing constantly. After a series of
lessons on clothing and accessories, Sherry started a basic cooking
course. Doris pointed out that most women knew how to do more than
fry hamburgers and eggs, which about the extent of Sherry’s kitchen

So she learned how to cook and how to select items from
the supermarket. Sherry privately didn’t think much of this phase
of her training. It seemed like a lot of effort to spend so much
time spreparing a meal that normally didn’t take anywhere near as
long to eat. Lord Sandwich knew what he was doing, she concluded

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For most of the non-flying days, Doris had her wear more lady-
like attire. She got used to moving around in dresses, skirts, and
high heels. She lost her purse a few times the first week, but
soon carrying one became automatic.
The therapy was easier than she thought it would be. Sherry
trusted Janet and opened up to her completely. They met three
times a week, then scaled back to twice a week. Janet wanted to
make sure that the training wasn’t taking Sherry down a road she
didn’t want to go. But what she saw was a young woman who was full
of life. Sherry was finally doing everything she had wanted to do.

The deportment classes (to use Doris’s term) were more like
aerobics. The instructor’s name was Sharon, she worked to teach
Sherry to loosen up and move more fluidly, not to shamble along
like a male. They were tiring at first, but also fun. Sherry was
keeping up her running, she was now doing over four miles a day.

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Sherry was at the flight school on time. If Craig had any
thoughts about her changed appearance, he kept them to himself.
The classroom phase was over quickly, most of the material was the
same as the instrument course, so they went through it at a fast
The instructor thought she was a little weak on slow flight
and stalls. “I think you’re afraid of them, so let’s change the
syllabus a bit,” he said. Sherry found herself in the front seat
of a Bellanca Decathalon; they went through stalls, spins, and some
basic aerobatics. She had to use a Sic-Sack on a couple of
occaisions, but soon she was doing loops, rolls, and inverted
flight. Craig had her do inverted stalls and spins, then he let
her take the Decathalon up when she had some free time.
Sherry had the time of her life in the Decathalon. Craig
chewed her ass out for making a low inverted pass down the runway
one afternoon, but she didn’t mind.

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Doris helped Sherry put her clothes away when they returned
to the townhouse. “Tomorrow you start on your commercial pilot’s
license,” she said. “Just be at the flight school by 0730. You’ll
do your training in the Bonanza, since you’ll need to use a complex
airplane for the exam. Wear the jeans and the sneaks for your
flight training. As before, you’ll be flying every other day.
I’ll let you know each afternoon what is planned for the next day
so you can choose the proper attire. If I don’t see you’ I’ll
leave a note in your mail slot.
“The other thing is, you need to start on a physical training
program. Some of that will come later, but I want you to start
running each afternoon. That is to be the only activity where you
aren’t to wear the artificial breasts. Start today.”
“Okay.” Sherry changed into a t-shirt and shorts, then went
out for a run. It was a brief run, she hadn’t been running for a
few months. But she knew from past experience that the wind would
come back quickly.