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“Can you go tomorrow?” She asked Joe.

“I don’t have to come in to work till noon, at the earliest.” Joe said.

“Really?” Linda responded. She went back to the phone.

“Sally, she’s free tomorrow morning.” Linda said. “Yes. Great. I’ll tell
her. Her name is Joel. Joel Bates. Yeah, she’s Joe’s sister…from St. Louis.
Yes. I think they are twins…paternal twins.”

Joe cringed as he listened to the story Linda was concocting. He hoped
her lie didn’t come back to haunt him. Twin sister huh? Well, He did look a
lot like his own twin sister, if he had one.
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“Do you really think so?” Joe asked again. He couldn’t wait to do without
the wig.

“Do you want me to call Sally?” Linda asked. Sally was Linda’s

“Will you have to tell her about me?” Joe asked.

“Not if you don’t want her to know.” Linda said. “I doubt if she would
believe it anyway. I can tell her you are your sister, from St. Louis or
somewhere, if that’s what you want.”

“Yeah, I do.” Joe considered. “I don’t want everybody knowing about this
yet. Not until I’m sure we can’t be changed back.”

Linda sat down next to Joe, and picked up the cordless phone beside the
lounge and punched in a number.

“Sally, this is Linda Mitchell. Hi. Yeah, I’m fine. No, I have someone
here who I’d like you to see. He…She needs her hair done…its very
short…a friend cut it for her and she hates it. Yes. I think that would be
ok. Just a minute.” Linda looked at Joe.

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Jay left, leaving Joe alone with Linda. She came over to where he was
seated, and started massaging his neck. It felt good, but Joe was becoming
uncomfortable being around her…touching her. He wasn’t sure why, but it was
a strange thing to deal with. He just didn’t know how to handle it.

Joe leaned back, and looked up at Linda. She smiled lovingly as she
looked into his eyes.

A Boy Becomes A Girl

At breakfast his mother said, “Dennis, I think it’s time to get your hair
“Mom, I got my hair cut last week.”
“It couldn’t have been last week, honey. It’s already over your ears.”
“No way, Mom. I just got it cut.”
“No arguing at the breakfast table,” his father said from behind a paper.
Dennis stomped out. In Geometry his voice cracked in the middle of an
answer which broke up the whole class including the teacher. Dennis blushed
but he recovered quickly.
Nothing happened the next day but on Wednesday as he stepped out of the
shower in the locker room, his chest felt sore. And seemed swollen. He could
actually feel loose flesh around his nipples. He put it out of his mind but
the next morning, alone in the bathroom, he examined himself in the mirror.
Not only was his chest swollen but the nipples were larger. They looked like
small pegs. The circles around them had turned a deep, reddish brown and were
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