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“Can you go tomorrow?” She asked Joe.

“I don’t have to come in to work till noon, at the earliest.” Joe said.

“Really?” Linda responded. She went back to the phone.

“Sally, she’s free tomorrow morning.” Linda said. “Yes. Great. I’ll tell
her. Her name is Joel. Joel Bates. Yeah, she’s Joe’s sister…from St. Louis.
Yes. I think they are twins…paternal twins.”

Joe cringed as he listened to the story Linda was concocting. He hoped
her lie didn’t come back to haunt him. Twin sister huh? Well, He did look a
lot like his own twin sister, if he had one.
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Linda’s car was in the drive when Joe and Jay pulled in. Joe had consumed
two trinks with Jay, and he was certainly feeling the effects. Jay worried
that Linda would be irritated with him, as if it was his fault that Joe had
acquired the buzz which lowered his inhibitions and made him talk about
anything which came to his head. Apparently, a great many things were passing
through Joe’s head this evening…He seemed to constantly talk about something
or another during the drive to Linda’s.

They went inside where Linda was sitting on the lounge watching the news
on TV.

Hello Joe. And you too Jay.” She said. “What have you two been up too?”

“We went flying.” Joe said. “I just had to get away for a while.”

“And I better be going.” Jay said, edging toward the door.

“Aw, come on Jay, stick around a while.” Joe asked. He didn’t want his
friend to leave. He liked being around Jay.

“No, I better be going.” Jay repeated. His new feelings for his pal were
difficult enough to deal with, without being around Linda too.

Joe could sense Jay was uncomfortable. He decided to let his friend go.
If Jay did have new feelings for him, he didn’t want Linda to find out. Not
yet, anyway. Things were already confusing enough.
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It was almost timefor Stephanie to
get home and Alicia was getting
warmwith excitement at the thought. She was
finishing the vacuuming, thelast of the housework
that she had told her to do that day. Nothing
thrilled her more than playing servant to the tall,
imperious girl shehad married. She was so beautiful
and she loved her so much – thatkneeling in
submission before her was the supreme pleasure in
her life.She had a hard-on in her tight panties,
beneath the frilly white apronthat covered them, truly
a slave of love to that girl.

She heard the front
door open and a tingle of titillation went throughher.
Then she stepped into the living room : a gorgeous
creature withlong dark hair. She stood with hands on
hips, watching her finish hertasks, clad in the white
silk blouse and neat black skirt she had wornthat day
to the office where she was a rising young executive.
She hada look of disapproval on her face as she stepped
across the freshlyvacuumed carpet and dropped into an
easy-chair. “I’m tired, Alicia,” she sighed. “it’s
been a hard day, one conferenceafter another. And some
of my underlings are no better than you.Inefficient.
I have to do everything myself.” She nodded, shutting
off the vacuum cleaner as she motioned for her to set
it aside and cometo her. “Remove my shoes,” she snapped,
“and then massage my feet.” “Yes, Mistress,” she said,
hurrying over and addressing her in theform she most liked
to hear. It thrilled her just to say those words,the
submissive words of a love slave, and she was soon on her
knees ather feet. With a feeling of reverence mixed with
growing passion, Alicia liftedone of the feet Stephanie
offered her and caressed the well-polishedshoe. She removed
it,setting it aside, then took the stockinged footin the palm
of her hands. This was the finest prize she could imagineas
she stroked the smooth foot, admired the perfect form, then
bent tobestow a worshipful kiss. Stephanie moved forward in
the chair, raising her black skirt as shedid so,then parting
her legs. “Get your head between my thighs,Slave,” she ordered
her, “and eat my pussy.” It was involuntary movement as Alicia
nodded in submission, setting downher foot to bend her body
towards her wife. As she moved closer to theedge of the
chair she pressed her face between the smooth, white pillars
of her thighs, getting an incredibly strong whiff of her
passion. Herlips touched the soft succulent skin that covered
the clefted littlemound of her pussy and the fragrance of her
juices increased so stronglythat she suddenly thrust her tongue
deep into her cunt and swallowed herjuices. The more Alicia
licked her wifes pussy, the hotter it felt andherjuices were
flowing even more. She could hear her softly moaning aboveher
as she lapped away on her marvelous twat. She felt her quiver
with a mild orgasm, and when that had passed sheheard her speak.

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“That’s sort of the `full formal’ look,” she explained. “It’s
good for an evening out. But for daytime, it’s a bit much…” She
then showed him how to lightly apply makeup for a look that was
both enhanced and natural. “You don’t want to wind up looking like
the daughter of Bozo the Clown and Tammy Faye Bakker.” Anderson
left the salon with that coating still applied.
That took the entire morning and then some. Anderson was
getting very hungry, so Doris dropped him back at the townhouse.
“See you in an hour,” she said. Anderson made a couple of
sandwiches and leafed through two aviation magazines that had been
dropped off. He also noticed that “Cosmopolitan,” “Redbook,” and
“YM” had been added to the selection. He repaired the damage to
his lipstick by the time Doris returned.

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