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Linda started to run her fingers through Joe’s natural hair. It was
slightly damp with persperation, and it smelled faintly of the perfume he put
on earlier. Joe leaned back and enjoyed her gentle touch. With his body
feminized as it was, everything that touched it felt different now, usually
more sensuous. He still hadn’t adjusted to the heightened sense of touch.

“Why don’t you have your hair done?” Linda asked. “You don’t need to wear
that wig.”

“What do you mean?” Joe asked. “My hair isn’t long enough yet, is it?”

“Well, it could be a little longer.” Linda agreed, pulling his hair down
in front, like bangs. “But I think there might be some kind of style that
would work with the length you’ve got.”

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Soon I was standinf in front of a full-length mirror

looking at the blushing bride: me. Then I remembered the

wedding plans. “What about the minister?” I asked. “He will

never agree to this. And what about Mel and Carla?”

“The minister is fresh out of the seminary and welcomes

any practice he can get,” my wife said. “mel is going to be

the best man, and Carla is going to be your attendant.

I couldn’t believe she had told our friends about my

crossdressing. How could I ever Mel again?

The night of the wedding, Lulu came in to see how I was

doing getting dressed. I was surprised to see Carla and her

wearing matching dresses.

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A real surprise came a few weeks ago. Our tenth

anniversary was fast approaching, and we had talked about

exchanging vows again. We had arranged to hire a minister in

a small chapel and have another couple, our best friends,

stand up for us. This would be on a Wednesday night, and we

would take off the rest of the week for a second honeymoon. I

should have known nothing is as expected when Lulu is


She called me at work and told me to meet her at a

bridal shop later on so we could get fitted. I thought she

meant that I would be renting a tux. But when I arrived at

the shop she was inside talking to the owner. they gave me a

strange smile when I walked in. The owner looked at me and

said, “Yes, I have something will fit him perfectly.”

She disappeared into the back and before I could ask

Lulu what was going on, the owner reappeared carrying a long

white wedding gown. She instructed me to follow her to the

changing room. My wife followed us carrying a bag which, I

soon discovered, contained my wig, makeup, underwear and

padding. I was informed that this time, I was to be the

bride! “It’s something every woman wants to experience,” said


Transsexual Embarrassment

My wife loves to embarrass me outdoors too. We will go

to a public tennis court with me dressed in a white shirt and

shorts with bright pink panties and a bra that will clearly

show through underneath. It never fails to provoke stares. I

have also gone to the tennis courts wearing a tennis dress

with full makeup and a blonde wig. I’m quite convincing when

dressed as a girl, so this doesn’t bother my game. But what

does bother it is the fact that I’m also wearing tight nipple

clamps and have a but plug in place.

Lulu thinks I should experience womanly feelings and

adventures as much as possible. So in bed I must be ready to

accept her strap-on dildo and open my mouth so she can feed

me my semen when I come. I also make regular visits to a

beauty saloon for wig styling and facials.

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Sherry started working with Craig on her multi-engine rating
in the Twin Beech the next day, including a session on the care and
feeding of radial engines. “You can’t overprime a radial,” Craig
admonished. She learned about engines that measured their oil
levels in gallons, not quarts.
While Sherry was being introduced to the fun of engine-out
drills, a conference was underway concerning her progress. Col
Hampton had flown in, he met with Janet, Doris, and Dr. Trotti.
“How’s our boy doing,” was his first question.
Janet smiled. “She’s a woman, Colonel, and she’s doing fine.”
“Frankly, I don’t think Sherry’s a transvestite. I think
she’s a transsexual, although she really hasn’t admitted it to
herself. The majority of TVs we get here aren’t content to go
full-time dressed up. They find some way of visibly asserting
their masculinity. The TSs assimilate completely. Sherry has
shown no signs of not wanting to be a woman. No covert strength
exercises, or anything like that.
“Her adjustment to female living has been remarkable, although
I don’t think she should consider making a living as a chef.” That
comment earned a laugh from Doris.

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Sherry was at the flight school on time. If Craig had any
thoughts about her changed appearance, he kept them to himself.
The classroom phase was over quickly, most of the material was the
same as the instrument course, so they went through it at a fast
The instructor thought she was a little weak on slow flight
and stalls. “I think you’re afraid of them, so let’s change the
syllabus a bit,” he said. Sherry found herself in the front seat
of a Bellanca Decathalon; they went through stalls, spins, and some
basic aerobatics. She had to use a Sic-Sack on a couple of
occaisions, but soon she was doing loops, rolls, and inverted
flight. Craig had her do inverted stalls and spins, then he let
her take the Decathalon up when she had some free time.
Sherry had the time of her life in the Decathalon. Craig
chewed her ass out for making a low inverted pass down the runway
one afternoon, but she didn’t mind.

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“When there’s nothing else left. You’ll know it, and so will
I. We’ll start on your next visit.”
Doris was waiting in the therapist’s outer office. “What’s
next on the schedule,” Anderson asked.
“We’re going to get you some new clothes.” They rode the
electric jeep to a clothing store. There the saleslady first
fitted Anderson with a bra and a set of breast prothesis. She had
him try on a number of differnt bras, then camesoles and slips.
After that, she brought in a hound’s tooth suit with a white blouse
which she had him try on. Then she fitted him with a pair of black
leather pumps with 3″ heels. Finally, she led him over to a three-
sided mirror.

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