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Linda finished the call and hung up. Joe got up from the couch. He
started to go to his room.

“Oh, that reminds me.” Linda said. “I was in Bullocks over lunch, and I
found this fantastic dress. I just knew it would be right for you. I know
you’ll like it. I put it on your bed.”

Great, Joe thought. Now my girl friend is buying me dresses she just
knows would be RIGHT for me.

Joe went to his room, Linda following close behind. On the bed lay the
dress. It was a twill cotton shirtdress with a notch collar surplice top. It
had a pleated knee length straight skirt, and it was an olive color. It came
with a wide, fabric covered, matching color belt, with a gold buckle. Linda
was right, as usual. He liked it immediately.
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“Can you go tomorrow?” She asked Joe.

“I don’t have to come in to work till noon, at the earliest.” Joe said.

“Really?” Linda responded. She went back to the phone.

“Sally, she’s free tomorrow morning.” Linda said. “Yes. Great. I’ll tell
her. Her name is Joel. Joel Bates. Yeah, she’s Joe’s sister…from St. Louis.
Yes. I think they are twins…paternal twins.”

Joe cringed as he listened to the story Linda was concocting. He hoped
her lie didn’t come back to haunt him. Twin sister huh? Well, He did look a
lot like his own twin sister, if he had one.
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Appearance Is Of Great Importance

They left the townhouse as Doris explained: “Appearances are
very important for a man who is passing himself off as a woman.
What someone first perceives is the way they are going to think of
you, 99% of the time. If they see a woman, then they are going to
think ‘woman’ even if your voice is a tad low. But in your case,
the first contact a lot of people are going to have with you is
over an airplane’s radio. So your voice has to convey that you
are a woman.
“You might say we are going into phase two of your training
“Which is?”
“Female training. You’re going to take deportment lessons.
We aren’t going to teach you how to act like a woman. An act can
fail under stress. So we are going to teach you to BE a woman.
There will be sessions with image consultants, the voice coach,
and some time out in the real world.

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